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Author Topic: [-] Figure,Bone,NameChange,Crash(Scene).  (Read 7374 times)


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[-] Figure,Bone,NameChange,Crash(Scene).
« on: November 24, 2014, 10:01:13 pm »

[-] Figure,Bone,NameChange,Crash(Scene).

I think this issue might be related to this one. (Different initial version)

Changing the name on a bone that has, 1) a linked-object attached to it that, 2) has skinning enabled. Triggers a crash at this point when, 1) viewing a scene with that figure, or 2) adding that figure to a scene.

- As of version(built): (<=)
- OS: XP & Vista.

- ObjectMode: Create some solid. (object01)
- FigureMode: Add bone01, Add object01 to bone01. (figure01)
- Enable skinning. (skinning toolbar button)(any skinning mode)
- SceneMode: Add figure01. (scene01)
- (save/load)
- FigureMode: change name on bone01 + OK.
- Switch to scene mode (scene01).
* crash


*Initial case update*
*Removed build update need*
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