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Author Topic: Figure Default Setting in Sequence Mode  (Read 6781 times)


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Figure Default Setting in Sequence Mode
« on: December 04, 2014, 10:12:56 am »

Per,5036.0.html ...

Crabby as you see in the above thread's message #13 has his legs set with all the angles... and each is at "Default" setting.  When viewed in "Object" mode his legs are spread straight out, and in "Figure" mode his bones all line up similarly, except that the "Default" angles give them the pose of the legs being bent.

Now though, I put Crabby into "Sequence" and his "Default" is gone, legs are splayed straight out again.  Is that supposed to happen? The whole reason I set the "Default" was so his legs would be in a crab-stand position, not to still be spread-eagled.  It's been so long I forget...
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