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Author Topic: Steve, do you plan to had support for Collada export in a near future ?  (Read 3707 times)


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Hi Steve,

do you plan to had support for Collada (or FBX) export in a near future ?

Anim8or is a great free tools which could be used with some major Game Engine such as Unity 3d ou Unreal Engine for people which do not have money to buy 3DS Max or for people which do not like Blender.
But Anim8or do not export animation to any format, so it's not very usefull.
Collada is a standard which are supported by Unity and a lot of Game Engine or modeling tools (Blender 3D, which could be used as a export Collada files from Anim8or to FBX or other formats).

Exporting animations to Collada could be a VERY important feature.
Exporting sequences would be a great start (Exporting scene animations is less important) to be able to export skinned meshes animations of characters.