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Author Topic: Work in progress - Dutch Double Decker train  (Read 2388 times)


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Work in progress - Dutch Double Decker train
« on: December 14, 2019, 02:42:51 pm »

I have long been inactive here for numerous reasons, some of which are incredibly personal and have taken up a lot of thinking time.
Some of the members might know me as the bus- and train guy, and the models are still around.
The end of May this year marked a turning point for me when it came to my voluntary job (which I quit doing) and ever since it seems I have been able to clear my head just enough to seriously start modelling again.
This time I also managed to get the hang of Blender, and I'm not sure if I will be posting a lot in the recent future, because I have also abandoned Anim8or when it comes to modelling (which I previously used to use for the modelling part and Blender for the rendering part), but since this is one of my oldest models (I started making it in 2004!) I decided to have some fun with it and try an animation with Blender, with the model coming out of Anim8or, with sound effects added in post production (and some of the sound effects are incredibly old as well, going back as far as 2006!).