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Author Topic: Sound in Anim8or  (Read 2239 times)

Kevin Gales

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Re: Sound in Anim8or
« Reply #45 on: May 24, 2020, 05:20:51 am »

Sound doesn't play when scrubbing. I'm not sure how to do that. I can only play sound at a fixed rate, and not in reverse. I also don't know how it should work.
Well most music players have is useful when lipsyncing or just syncing audio with video...
you will notice how difficult it gets to lipsync without scrubbing

I hope you find a way around that...😀🌟


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Re: Sound in Anim8or
« Reply #46 on: May 24, 2020, 09:40:04 am »

for those agitating for multiple tracks... you could pre-compile your audio into one .wav file, using Audacity for example.  that way you could have as many different overlapping sounds as you want without needing multiple tracks within Anim8or.

 Not actually agitating for multiple tracks, just saying that 'one' more track would be a very handy addition.
 True about pre-mixing a sound track and then animating to it, but also don't forget about the films that bring in the 'voiceover and sound effect crew', after the fact,  adding voices and sounds to already existing film.
  Not all workflows are the same.
  I was, also, more thinking of anim8ors capabilities to make a 'finished product' filmclip  without needing any type of outside video or audio software.
  One track is fine.  You add a .wav voice file and lypsync/animate to it. He jumps from standing on a chair and lands on the ground. You add a short 'thud' .wav file to the same track 'after' the speech file. Thats all well and good. But what if he was bouncing a ball through the whole thing, or you just needed some background music. Not possible without external software. (pre-editing or post-editing)
 A 2nd track, however, gives you all those extra 'possibillities' within anim8or.

 Like i've said, just a 'basic' 2nd track, and only worthwhile if its not opening a can of worms.
(audacity is pretty cool, btw)

Re 'scrubbing' the audio. Thought that could be a tricky one.
But here's a crazy thought from the outfield.
 (warning! 'crazy thought' possible  side effects could include mild to severe irratation and/or headaches.)

 If you can
only play sound at a fixed rate,
could that fixed rate be determined by two 'selected' frames.?
 I mean, at pesent, a 'selection' of frames will play when you hit 'play'
 So, Could, eg, the arrow key, be used to 'play' two frames at each push. The frame selected and the adjoining 'forward' frame. (selected automatically).
 Not actually 'scrubbing', as such, but .... accomplishing much the same thing.
 (end of crazy thought)
 Another 'aide' i've used in Magpie is 'selecting a portion of audio and hitting 'zoom' That's handy for a closer look at the .wav file, but i have no idea of the 'worm' potential in 'zooming in on selection'.

 At the end of the day, when it comes to lyp-syncing, people should try to choose/create the voice file which is the clearist waveform possible. Life is so much easier when sound files are clear and 'succinct'.  

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