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Author Topic: IM new and just created an alien from A.V.P. and want to know how to turn it....  (Read 12791 times)


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Those look like great models!  For the alien model, I'd reccomend giving it a lighter texture, as it's hard to make out anything right now except the specular highlights.  Awesome start though, I look forward to more (oh, and you might want to post this in the wip section.)

That's disgusting you would stoop to that level.
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Oh dear ::)
We have another newb claiming that they have made models created by someone else. Very sad  >:(

Check out

ZeB & Alien by the amazing BOB_I_Ts

Shame on you splicerocks
« Last Edit: May 19, 2008, 03:40:15 am by falloffalot »


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Locked for obvious reasons.

Splicerocks, you may be new to all this so it probably doesn't occur to you that
Quote from: splicerocks
i created the avp alien and am curently working on sebulba from star wars
Would mean you actually built the mesh from scratch without downloading someone else's work. Just because you imported it into anim8or and played with making renders and moving it around does not mean you created it. Instead, you simply used someone else's model, and that's all we think of it as.

These models may have been released for people such as yourself to use for personal/non-commercial use only, but you are not allowed to claim ownership of them. Please educate yourself regarding copyright laws and etiquette when it comes to using other people's work.
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