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Author Topic: Plug-in  (Read 4081 times)


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« on: June 25, 2008, 11:26:39 pm »

i need help,i don't know how to make a .a8s thingy can you help me? i wanna use this script: /*
  Description: Add this to your Anim8or scripts directory and start Anim8or. The script MUST have the ".a8s" extension and be in the Anim8or Scripts folder. Make sure that "Preload Scripts" is set to ON (this is NECCESSARY). This script has been tested for 0.95 and 0.97 preview.

#plugin("object", "export", "Roblox Mesh", ".mesh");
#file($output, "text");

file $output;
int $result;
object $obj;
shape $shape, $shapes[1], $childShapes[1];
tridata $data;
material $mat;
int $numFaces;
point3 $point, $normal, $color;
point2 $uv;
int $i;
int $j;
int $index, $mIndex;
int $count;
float $gCol;
string $nm;
string $newName;
float4x4 $tMatrix;

$nm = $output.GetRoot();

$obj = project.curObject;
$output.print("version 1.00\n");
$shapes.size = 0;
while($childShapes.size > 0)
while($shapes.size > 0)
       $shape = $shapes.pop();
       $shape = $shape.ConvertToMesh();
   $data = $shape.GetTriangleData();
          $numFaces = $data.GetNumTriangles();
   $tMatrix = $shape.GetGlobalTransform();
   for $i = 0 to $numFaces - 1 do {
      for $j = 0 to 2 step 1 do {
         $index = $data.GetIndex(($i*3)+$j);
                       $point = $data.GetPoint($index);
                      $point = $tMatrix.Project($point);
                       $normal = $data.GetNormal($index);
                       $uv = $data.GetTexCoord($index);
         $output.print("[%.6g, %.6g, %.6g]", $point.x, $point.y, $point.z);
         $output.print("[%.5f, %.5f, %.5f]", $normal.x, $normal.y, $normal.z);
         $output.print("[%.5f, %.5f, 0]", $uv.x, $uv.y);

$result = 1;


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Re: Plug-in
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2008, 12:01:00 am »

copy and paste the script into notepad then click file>save then in the "save as type" list select "all types"then save it as "myscript.a8s"(example)then start anim8or make sure you have the preload scripts option selected and try to run the script. ;)
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