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Fresnel Lantern

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REALLY pleased with the way this came out...Just need to edit one thing in the final rendering. Will do that another time. Please tell me what you think ^_^

Anybody know how I can make the circle in the middle of the cubes in front of the fixture more circle-like? Right now it is like a 20 sided shape and it bothers me. Thanks.

You just have to set a higher number of divisions when lathing... You can't enter a higher number than 32, but it should be enough...

Very nice model by the way, I really like the details.

Thanks..I didn't lathe that...I made a cube and used terranim8or to perform a boolean subtraction function...And the mesh I used to subtract was a cylinder.

Wow.... I'd never thought of doing it that way, seems too complicated for me... I thought RudySchneider sent you a file with the lathed mesh in the other thread (??)

Anyway, if you can't/don't want to lathe the mesh, I can't help you, I don't know any other way...

I might try lathing it, but how would I? It's a cube with a circle in it...How would I lathe that???? Anyway..The lathed thing sent to me in the other thread was the lens...I used it as an example (I had never learned about splines and lathing and whatnot before that)..Still a newbie...still learning ^_^


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