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Author Topic: Hi - newbie here with a couple of questions :)  (Read 1496 times)


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Hi - newbie here with a couple of questions :)
« on: April 01, 2009, 04:10:52 pm »

Hi, I'm not really new to using Anim8or but I'm terrible with computers and haven't really managed to work everything out yet. Basically, I have a couple of questions that I really need answering!

Firstly, since I'm so bad at creating anything in Anim8or I've downloaded some models to use but I want to actually animate them in scene mode. However, they don't have a bone structure from Figure mode so how would I add a bone structure to these models? Or, how would I animate them anyway?

Secondly, once I've done this, how do I put these animations into a film? I'm thinking a normal live-action movie, but with some models from Anim8or in.

Any answers to either of these questions would be great!!! And if there's a lot of techincal jargon in your answer, could you dumb it down for me as, like I said, I'm crap with computers.


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Re: Hi - newbie here with a couple of questions :)
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2009, 04:50:29 pm »

Hi Davros, welcome to the forum.

As for your 1st question, I recommend reading the manual - the Figure editor and Sequence editor sections should help you. I also highly recommend reading the Simple walk tutorial, I think it is exactly what you need.

As for your second question, combining animations with live action movies is quite complicated and it's not possible to do that all in Anim8or. You need a good video editing software ("good" means "better than Windows Movie Maker", for example Ulead Video Studio or Adobe Premiere) to combine the animation and the movie and you have to plan the timing and everything very carefully when creating the animation... Good luck with that ;)

I hope it helped...