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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #9: Bust-a-Move

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No, no, not the video game! Our goal is to create a moving bust using morph targets and/or skeletal animation. The bust must be of a popular organic fictional or non-fictional character.

Define "Move"
You must move at least 2 parts of the head (jaw/tongue/lips/eyeballs/eyelids/ears/head/neck) in no less than 5 seconds. You can move those parts however you want, but the better the animation the better your chance of getting the vote will be!

How realistic?
To keep the playing grounds fair, all objects including the bust and any props you need must be clay- or stone-rendered. You can give them a stone-type texture or keep it smooth-clay (of any color). The point is for the viewer to observe the deformations and structure of the mesh, and how well it's animated.

Post a youtube link with/without audio by Monday, October 12th

Final Note
Well, this is a little complicated, but it introduces morph targets, skeletal animation, and proper organic modeling/loops. Be sure to check out these links if you're unsure of anything!

Eyeball Tutorial (includes morphing)
Anim8or Manual
Tutorials relating to subdivision modeling and edge flow


Congratulations goes to Dreadkb for winning this challenge!

Forum Topic |[/youtube]]Final Entry

3D Joe Wiltshire:
Wow, I can see this being an interesting and freakishly creepy challenge. I won't even try to take part in this one, unless I find a spare month to spend some time learning edge loops and eyeballs. :/

Yeah then another month to morph it, rig it and then a couple of years to render it Haha!!

Looks hard. I've never done morphing before, don't know what edge looping is. I'll see what I can do with bones, and a couple of hexagons.

Open your mind up a little and experiment, there are hundreds of different ways you can do this. The bust could be of Bart Simpson rolling his eyes and burping, Elvis Presley smirking, Barack Obama yapping, or Daffy Duck nodding his head and looking side to side. Whatever.

I mentioned edge loops but all you have to do is make it so that the mesh serves its function as you need it to. We're voting on how it looks in the end so who cares if you cheat a little with the mesh if the deformations look fine?

And Kreator, clay/stone renders don't require ART. Which makes for just a night's worth of rendering at the most for most setups, if that. Clay/stone renders also don't require tons of details. An eyeball could just be a sphere with a dent in it. That's how the picture above looks like, right?

There are a lot of easy characters you can work with, Pincho. Also, morphing is actually a little easier than skeletal animation when it comes to getting what you want. Use bones for the eyes, head/neck, then use morphs for the lips and eyelids/brows. If you're afraid of morphs, then just use bones for the eyes and head/neck, and even the jaw and that's all! You only have to animate two parts of the head.


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