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WEEHEEEE oh, oh wait its dead, I thought it was dancing (CRE8OR NOTICE)

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That would be nice, as for now, I don't know what I'm doing for the site.
Me and a friend were going to set up a server over his network if ever were to get it upgraded, he has unlimited bandwidth but very poor speeds (and his parents play a lot of WOW), while I have loads of speed (32 Mb of download speed), but with the disadvantage of having only 150 Gigs of bandwidth and almost going over each month (just under by about 10 gigs), basically if I do not do file uploads (uploading images and files) then I should be good for hosting a server from my end.

Alright so how the new website shall be done...
I'm setting up a server and hosting from my end, BUT there will be no file hosting/downloading/uploading cause that takes ALOT of bandwidth, however, I suggest you just use mediafire and just send a link when you want/need to download/upload etc. etc.

That way, my internet just doesn't die (or at least the bandwidth part of it), cause if I go over my limit, I have to pay an outrageous fee for ever gig that goes over (about 10 bucks per gig)

So with just the site and a forum (using smf, its amazing), the site (estimated with a random number of 50 users daily) should take no more than a gig per month... hopefully

i just started to get into cre8or. the one major problem i saw was the lack of material on how to use the program. i know it changed in the later version but that was the only one i got to run on my computer and everything was changed. i had no luck at all finding anything useful on how the program actually works. + i was on there for like 1 or 2 days and the forums went down so i didnt have that much time to work on it.

i do hope u get it working again. it does look pretty cool

Well don't worry I'm going to include documentation that is built in and also external.
Which will include function/tool descriptions explaining what they do, how to use them etc.
And there will be a tutorial that will introduce you into programing etc, and using project undead.

If I'm going to spend time into working on this, I at least want people to use it.

I like how you're only moving towards the complete practical. It seems most people who write programs give them up while there's still not much practicality to them. Have you started programming, or are we looking at a released date any time soon?


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