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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #28: Greek!?!

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I'd love to have a go (my organic modelling certainly needs practice) but too many commitments elsewhere at the moment.  Looking forward to seeing some great modelling, love the theme and the restrictions are well thought out.

Gee, there was a Greek God who used to turn himself into a column so he could watch the beautiful girls bathing at the local outdoor baths.... :) If only I could remember his name .... :) Gee this is a hard one Raxx. Maybe one of the gorgonzola sisters. Medusa sans body. Lots of snakes, Must google her to see if she was a God or just a relative :)

Heh heh... Gorgonzola sisters!  You crack me up Headwax!  And isn't 'Medusa Sans' a font?!

Well well, you are making me laugh :) Maybe I am getting her mixed up with cheese ? :) I will look that font up. So it is "sans seriffe? Sneaky. Can't trust those greek godesses :) This was my last one, just a retexture, none of my meshes bar the plate, post processing was fun

I'm definitely entering! Guess who....

By the way, I read the story of Pegasus on that link and I became a bit confused.
Snake Lady + Sea God = Beautiful Winged Horse? HOW!?! Maybe I don't want to know.. lol

This might not be my final render, I definitely feel like I should add more to it.  I know the wings are transparent in this render, but I kind of like it that way. what do you guys think?


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