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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #29: GIANT ROBOTS!!!

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After a few hours drawing and modelling today, here are the first pieces of my robot ... Still a very big lot of work to get the result I want but I think I'll have more time next week (this week, I was in Germany for my job).

Oh yeah... got my machine back in order... time to get the BIG machine a-moving....

Now this is a topic I'm quite fond of. I shall put my thinking cap on and try to come up with something. Provided I can find time amid thesis, I'll join this challenge.

[P.S. Hi guys! Long time no see. xD]

Here's what I have so far.... Not much, but it's a start. :)

cool stuff so far!

David, is that a robby the robot inspiration?

Anyway, just playing with eyeball idea here...



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