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Cool. It will take awhile until I'll master your amazing script and how to get the most realistic looking fur possible. I'm also thinking, would be nice if only the original mesh would need the rigging, so the fur would follow the mesh. When I'm rigging the fur, sometimes it gets stretchy at the knees and elbows. :)

Yeah, it's one of the disadvantages of having separate editors in Anim8or. That kind of stuff would be best done in the Scene Editor, but ASL has no mesh generation/editing capabilities in that editor, and probably won't for a long time.

There is a request in the Feature Request Thread, Object Script Controller, that would allow me to make PHUR into a physically dynamic script in the scene editor, but it all depends if Steve adds that feature.

For animation, the best results would be a mix of morph targets and painted weights. This way you can adjust the vertex weights to reduce the stretching.

I created MorphIt specifically to allow animated PHUR via morphs. However it is a pretty inefficient program, so large amounts of PHUR result in very slow loading times and/or of these days when I have the time, I'm going to go back and recode both PHUR and MorphIt. I'm positive I can make them perform more than 200% faster with better results.

You have no ideea how useful your scripts are. I really appreciate you put so much time into it. Thank you.


--- Quote from: daniel99 on November 22, 2013, 10:08:19 am ---Wow, I just found this. But I have a little...problem. It works a little too slow for me, and it kinda crashes if I make more than 2hairs/face. I have quadro2000 graphics card and 32gb of memory... So, what can I do?

--- End quote ---
Anim8or is still 32bit app - it won't use more than 1,7GB of memory or 3,5GB with Large Address Aware flag. You can set it to be 'on' with this little utility: It should make it less crashy (at least when it comes to out of memory bugs).

Thanks, dwsel. I've tred that, but unfortunately doesn't feel to render faster. Would be great if Steve will make anim8or to be able to use more memory.
And of course...activate IK.


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