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Hi Steve.

A while back I asked about dynamic lighting like lens flare/bloom lighting and and whatnot as well as celshading. What is the progress on this?
Did we ever look into a water simulator as well?

As always I appreciate the help!

Can you add Polygon reduction as well? From preferable different methods to get best output for each model
As well as different forms of subdivision e.g try 3DRACS v1.8 the last freeware version to test out some of the different versions of Polygon Reduction & Subdivision

can you ad new format support -..
C4d (Cinama 4D) at least down to version 6 [Lsat version given away on magazine I know of]])%20A%20over%20340mb%20Stl%20Ascii%20file%20to%20C4d%20=#main-navigation - Smallest file size of same mesh with no color or UV texture etc only mesh saved in various formats with binary ply next smallest in size.
 Cob/Scn for truSpace at
An Inporter Xporter at

"Focus on faces/vertices/edges" - A tool that'd allow only a select group of F/V/E's to be manipulted. that way, when modelling a small area, there's little risk of bumping into something that wasn't supposed to be edited.

Not sure if that's a "crazy-necessary" feature for most people, but it'd be cool to see sometime down the road.

Random thought while skinning a character - the wireframe of the model ought to be white or grey before weights are applied to avoid confusion with colors

Hi steve.
  Having menu folders related to a figure is a great space-saver/organiser in the timetrack.
 Can they please also show in the sequence editor, and would there be any chance that menu folders could also be availabe for morph targets?


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