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OK I'm back.  I'll post an update with most of these problems fixed this afternoon.

Sluggs 1) Thanks, I'll fix it.  2) This is caused by floating point errors.  Anim8or needs to do a general matrix inversion to compute the distance and direction of movement.  Since floating point math isn't exact tiny errors creep in.  I may be able to fix this in the direct axis ortho views (front, left, top, etc.) but in general not.

 Build 1231 dated April 13, 2016 fixed various picking bugs that were introduced in builds 1229 and 1230.

thanks Steve!
mainly for comeback the
 "Left-hand Scrollbar: Restore RMB scrolling."

 Hey there steve. Hope you had a good break.
 I keep coming across things that you've quietly slipped into Anim8or.
 The latest bonus i've found is the ability to 'delete all morphs' in object editor.
 Just wanted to say "thanks for that". Another very welcome addition.

neirao: Thanks for pointing this out. I normally use a large screen so I didn't notice it.
johnar: Thanks! I need to start updating the documentation so that the new features are easier to understand.


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