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New Point Editing Rules: New build 1143

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--- Quote from: captaindrewi on December 01, 2014, 07:36:39 pm ---It feels nice and as if its being prepared for proportional editing....... 8)

--- End quote ---

Now that would be nice!! I thought the same when testing it out


--- Quote from: Steve on December 01, 2014, 12:01:46 am ---I. If Fast Select is enabled:
   2. Click and drag: Affects selection and geometry.
      b. Geometry:
         MMB: Same as LMB. Possible additional functionality here.
--- End quote ---

Am I right in thinking MMB-Drag doesn't really do much anywhere in Anim8or atm?  I've tried a few different tools and can't find anything uses this particular control.

So I was thinking: in some programs (e.g. GIMP and Inkscape) MMB-Drag is used to move the viewport; it'd be really useful if this could be implemented in Anim8or, especially when used in combination with the new scroll-to-zoom feature.

This may be a vague bug report, but there seems to be massive memory usage/leak when manipulating subdivision objects. Take any subdivision object and move it around (or move its P/E/F's around) while watching it in the task manager. Memory usage skyrockets until crash. Seems to increase at a speed relative to density of the mesh. I've tested it on 1129 and 1139, same thing. Earlier versions probably have this effect.

I'll look into the memory leak. Thanks, Raxx!

No problemo.

And thecolclough, in response to that, you're describing 2D programs. Unlike them, we also need a rotate function for that 3rd dimension. So in most cases, you'd end up using the arc rotate tool anyway. And Alt is an easy way to toggle arc rotate and do all the camera orientation. And...RMB pans the camera in arc rotate and pans the UVs in texcoord mode, and rotates stuff on the camera plane--introducing MMB-drag to pan seems like it'd add a lot of confusion.

And personally, I never use scroll-to-zoom...I think that could have been saved for other functionality, like increasing/decreasing the size of the weight brush and other parameters for future tools (like proportional editing).

No offense, just making my case against it ;)


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