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Don't worry, I won't get rid of the existing cut tool when adding the topo knife :)

So the tool is as good as a done deal then very nice =)
For it to be as useful as XSI's, it should support fast select-style highlighting.


--- Quote from: nemyax on February 08, 2015, 09:08:56 am ---So the tool is as good as a done deal then very nice =)

--- End quote ---
I don't know when I'll have it ready.

A couple of differences between the old knife tool and the topo knife:

* With the current cut faces tool, turning off backfaces doesn't guarantee that you cut only what you see. There can be front-facing elements underneath that end up getting cut (this happens a *lot* with high detail objects). The constant fear of cutting things unintentionally and that fear constantly turning into reality is one reason why I hate using the cut faces tool for detailing.
* What I'm suggesting has faster precision and control of the placement of the cut. You click on the starting place, be it on an edge or on a point, and just click the next place and it makes the cut, then click the next place and it makes a cut from the previous end point to the new end point (this is a chain action--the difference is that you don't have to click on the previous point anymore). Also, the preview line snapping to points/edges makes this tool extremely easy to use for detailing.
* Mirrored mesh editing in Anim8or is a bit awful and buggy, more so when using the cut tool. But there's not much alternative. The topo knife would help mitigate unintentional cutting frustrations in this area.

I actually just started using 3DS max for school and I se what a topo knife is. I guess I personally wouldn't need it as much then. It's is pretty weird using it with the mirror


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