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Skertch #1 -- [ Model A Mannequin ]

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My 20 minutes worth.

Had to set it in a Pose, couldn`t just leave it flat!


--- Quote from: Raxx on June 10, 2015, 04:34:51 am ---Looks good davdud101! But holy toledo, those arms are super dense with polygons! I bet you can get the same shapes with subdivision meshes instead. Might trim 5 mb off that 5.4 mb file size :o

Also, feet and shaped hands (they can just be wedges like seen in the first post) make a huge difference to human animations and expression through motion. If you're not adverse to adding 'em, I'm sure Manny'll thank you for it ;)

--- End quote ---

Whoops- I must've NOT reduced the divisions before converting them to meshes to be mirrored.

Below is my re-done version of Manny. I added hands and feet, and tried to give him a bit more of a 'boyish' stance. Actually shaved 5mb off  :D

Took me ages.all a bit basic/clumsy even so.

davdud101, much better! Mirroring subdivision meshes always seemed like something that would be easy for Steve to implement. Someday....

captaindrewi, practice makes perfect :) If I may offer a critique: the legs seem to have an extra joint at the hips, making it more like a robot or toy. If that's intentional, no problemo. However if it's meant to be human then it may be better to remove that extra curved segment and just attach the thigh to the hip, otherwise it'll be hard to realistically portray human motion! I guess while I'm at it I should mention the lack of pinkies, but then it doesn't really matter if it doesn't matter ;)

yeah all deliberate...went for the classic disney toon solution with the fingers.
yeah it does look very robotty but i'm ok with it but might change. :)


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