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Skertch #1 -- [ Model A Mannequin ]

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To Split/Separate parts from a joined solid, select all their faces in point/edit mode, and go to Edit/Detach faces.
 In object mode you then be able to move the detached object

This reminded me how rubbish I am at organic modelling, but on the up-side I have a much better understanding of T-Rex anatomy!

The difficulty with this 'mannequin' is that it isn't really possible to simplify the structure anything like as far as you can with a human, since the spine and tail need to be much more flexible if the model will eventually be pose-able.  I reduced the number of vertebrae significantly but it'll still be a bugger to rig. Having bitten off more than I can chew again, I look forward to the 'chewing like crazy' bit to come...

NB: I added some articulation mechanisms as separate shapes to make it appear more like a physical mannequin, however these can be removed with no effect on the eventual rig.  Also, while the teeth aren't strictly required, it looked silly without them!

Thanks Kreator - it takes only a few seconds when I found "select connected" - so simple when you know how :) 

ENSONIQ5 - impressive. It would have taken me ages just to get a collection of boneish objects :)


--- Quote from: AlecJames on June 14, 2015, 08:23:47 am ---It would have taken me ages just to get a collection of boneish objects :)
--- End quote ---

The majority of the bones started as simple, low-poly lathed cylinders that were tweaked a bit before subdividing and there's a fair bit of shape duplication (finger and toe bones & claws and the ribs are all identical other than scale, and there's only three types of vertebra).  The skull and pelvis were most complicated due to the really unusual shapes that are tricky to gather from photos.  These and the breastbones started as extrusions from a free-hand closed spline before being manipulated into something like the shape required and mirrored.  It did result in some tricky mesh cutting to ensure all quads, to be honest it probably would have been better to box-model the skull in particular.  As I said, I suck at organic modelling!

Hi guys, its been forever.

Made my entry today. Look forward to seeing how this skertch thing evolves.



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