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Trackball in the Scene Editor

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--- Quote from: Steve on November 24, 2015, 05:37:38 am ---Either supporting multiple bones or not is fairly straightforward.
--- End quote ---
straightforward enough that it could be a user-toggelable option?

OK I've posted build 1200 which allows multiple bone selection, and fixes the problem of not being able to select any bones in the Scene editor when fast-select is off and a few other things.

For fun try Ctrl-Left/Right/Up/Down arrows

thecolclough: yes, an option is always possible if it's needed.  But all things equal, simpler is better. So give the two builds a try and let me know what you think.

Note: Either way dynamic highlighting will be supported for both fast-select and not. It was broken in a couple cases in build 1199.

 Thanks Steve. Have downloaded build 1200 and managed to get a quick playaround before i need to go out. Will post more as i can.... but for now....

Your proposals in earlier post. (this thread)
Clicking on a selected bone: yes
Clicking on an unselected bone: yes
Clicking not on a bone: yes
 All make perfect sense, and somehow familiar.

 But, i am a little confused in regards to 'clicking directly on a bone.(i.e. not the trackball)':
 ie:LMB rotates the bone in screen Z axis,
    MMB rotates the bone in screen Y axis,
    RMB rotates the bone in screen X axis.
 Originally, and in the manual, , its, (to rotate bone):
LMB = X axis
MMB = Z axis
RMB = Y axis

 I see you have written 'in screen'.
 When dealing with figures, (bones), i don't see that the screen view should affect/change which mouse button to rotate which axis.? (edited. tried to make it clearer)
 (unless i'm missing something)
 So, shouldn't it remain the same as originally in the manual? (as above).

 One more thing: I would like to suggest that if multiple bone selection remains an option, then we do really need to be able to turn trackball on and off. As shown in my earlier post of a hand, with fingers selected, the overlapping trackballs can become impossibly confusing.

 Oh, and Ctrl-Left/Right/Up/Down arrows  don't seem to do anything here except change views?

 So, 3 things actually....


--- Quote from: johnar on November 24, 2015, 11:24:11 am --- What originally inspired the thought was this:

 I was going to suggest that perhaps the trackball needs to be able to be turned on and off, for situations as in the pic above.
--- End quote ---

I think what should be done here instead is have all the bones selected to have one big track ball which rotates all the bones selected around the most base bone's (from what is selected) origin.

 Wouldn't work in cases where fingers are positioned differently and seperately.
 Would work for simple open/close hand, grabbing something...


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