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Trackball in the Scene Editor

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When click-dragging, (FS) on a bone there is wierdnessess, which can be seen by a fairly simple test. This happens whether or not there are joint limits.
 It seems, when animating a figure it is necessary to be in a standard view. (when click-dragging directly on bone)?. Once the view is rotated, (arc rotate), thats when things don't work as expected.
 Heres the test, can someone please concur....

Open anim8or 1201, or any build with trackball, and open an earlier version, pre trackball.
 Import the same figure into each one.
 Goto scene mode and add figure and have 3 views, front (large view), top and left.
 Arc-rotate the front view slightly off center in both instances.
 In pre-trackball build, (arc-rotated view), Click-drag thigh bone forward/backward on X axis. (LMB). Perfect X axis rotation. Same with Y and Z.
 Now, try the same in 1201........(or other build with trackball) 
 Rotation is not confined to selected axis only
 Is this anything to do with the complexities of having both euler and orthogonal  calculations happening at the same time, or something along those lines...???


johnar: Yes, I changed how click-dragging directly on the bone works when I added the trackball.  I wasn't really sure what to do there but at the time it seemed more consistent to use Screen-Coordinates.  But as you point out some functionality was lost when I did this.  Also it's redundant since you can always use Screen-Coordinates mode and the trackball for the same edit.

I'll put together a build with the old rotations for direct bone editing and let everyone try that out.

Thanks steve. Thats magic.
 I, for one, will definately be in favour of keeping the old rotations for direct bone editing.  Having that option, along with trackball, really would be the best of both worlds.
 Absolutely cool.

--- Quote ---Note: I haven't forgotten about being able to hide individual trackballs.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Hopefully we're nearing the end of tweaking how this all works :)
--- End quote ---

 The updates you've made here have made a massive difference to animating in Anim8or. These last few  tweaks and fixes, and she'll be a real pleasure to drive.
Cheers steve. 

Version 1258
I have a figure in scene editor that I have scaled down (0.1ish).  The bone track balls are tiny in top / side / front views.  I'm fairly sure this is related to my unusual scaling.

Oops! I forgot to include the element's scale when I computed the size of the widget. To keep the widget a constant size I need to undo the scale factor  . I'll fix it.


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