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Trackball in the Scene Editor

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When editing joint angles you (currently) can't select multiple bones in either of the Figure, Sequence or Scene editors.  But I think this should be changed.  I want all three to behave the same, and here's what I propose:

Clicking on a selected bone:

All mouse buttons: leaves all bones selected and dragging rotates the bone that was clicked.

Clicking on an unselected bone:

LMB and MMB: deselects everything and selects that one bone.
RMB: Leaves everything selected and selects the bone.
Dragging in Fast Select mode at the same time does an edit.

Clicking not on a bone:

Deselects everything.

When clicking directly on a bone (i.e. not the trackball):

LMB rotates the bone in screen Z axis,
MMB rotates the bone in screen Y axis,
RMB rotates the bone in screen X axis.

I should have this ready soon. Let me know what you think


--- Quote from: Steve on November 23, 2015, 08:05:46 pm ---I want all three to behave the same, and here's what I propose:
--- End quote ---
sounds good on paper - will be interesting to see it in action

 Am hesitant, and slightly struggling, to post feed back straight away, until i've got this out in the open, and clarified.
 Something has recently occured to me, which i posted last night, but withdrew later because i didn't want to, possibly, open a can of worms.....
I think other peoples input is important here.
 The thing is, with the implementation of fast-select, is there really any reason to be able to select multiple bones??
 Although i have always liked to select multiple bones, it was mainly so as not to need to go back and forth between select - rotate - select - rotate - etc...
 Now, with fast select, i'm trying to think of a scenario where i would need to select multiple bones...... anybody?

 Sorry steve, but perhaps there actually is no reason to continue with multiple bone selection.......and if this does turn out to be the case, then perhaps it would/could save you a lot of work, and also help, a little, to keep anim8or 'light'. (one of the outstanding things about anim8or has always been the size of it. All this power in only a few megabytes.) (Maybe every little bit counts..)
 . will watch this space for anyone to post scenario(s) of when to select multiple bones...... hope i haven't upset anything....


--- Quote from: johnar ---with the implementation of fast-select, is there really any reason to be able to select multiple bones??
--- End quote ---
Either supporting multiple bones or not is fairly straightforward.  Neither one is really harder that the other.  The main purpose of these development builds is to figure out what is the best.  Once that's done I can make all the little adjustments and bug fixes to make Anim8or consistent, which is the bulk of the work.

So ... I'll post an update with multiple bone selection (after a little more testing) and everyone can experiment with 1199 (without) and 1200 (with) and tell me what they like and what they don't.  How's that sound? 

That sounds absolutely fantabulous

 What originally inspired the thought was this:

 I was going to suggest that perhaps the trackball needs to be able to be turned on and off, for situations as in the pic above.
 That somehow got me thinking, hey is this even necessary any more......
 So, anyway, thanks for the perfect answer Steve, and the truly inspiring progress with Anim8or.


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