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"Floating" Track Window

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Hypure: thanks, it's a rally useful tool for tweaking animation. It's called "scrubbing" to move the slider back and forth to study the motion.  Back in the good old days you had to flip sheets of paper to do this :)

I found another glitch in build 1219. If you float the time track in the Scene editor, it doesn't show at all in the Sequence editor.  I'll fix it. Actually I'd like to allow it to float as well (and to add a graph editor to Sequence mode but that might take a bit longer to do ...)

Graph Editor in Sequence mode would be awesome!

Steve I just got that, "flip sheets of paper"  ::)  indeed ;D

Hi steve.
 The floating time track is awesome.
  A huge improvement in animating, gives so much more room. Have had dual monitors for some time now and its so GR8 to be able to make use of them now with Anim8or.
 Absolutely excellent.

 When using the timetrack in another monitor it would be really helpfull if the pop-up value editors could remember where they are dragged/floated to.
 (Working in the track editor on a second moniter is absolutely awesome, but needing to go back to the main moniter every time you bring up a 'value editor box' is not so good. ;) )
Sorry. just realised thats probably what you were talking about here: ::)

--- Quote ---was a lot of work rewriting the code handling sub-windows. There seems to be a bug in the Windows MoveWindow()/SetWindowPos() function when used with SetParent() to chage a child window's owner.
--- End quote ---

(whoops, i should read more carefully)

 And a bug. Objects and figures in scene mode need to be physically moved to set the 1st position key.
(1st Orientation key can be set by double clicking either object/figure, or in timtrack, and entering value in editor or just going 'OK', but not so for position key.)
 Cheers for the great work steve



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