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High Memory Use and Slow Playback Problem

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Oops, I was mistaken.  My current development computer is only an i5-2400 3.11 GHz. I don't know the name.

I too was mistaken, the name is its manufactoring size (eg, 130nm, 22nm, 22nm, 14nm etc)

You were right to provide the number, as even within each lithography they divvy up the specs.

I havnt closed any other open apps as I am working on them, but converting the subdivide to mesh (same polycount) results in a 0.2 fps increase from 3.6 to 3.8 in scene mode. (I ran it repeatedly and took the average)

OGL is running is software mode at this time because of the other apps open (even though PerfectGold uses DirectX)

When I take a break, I will run the scene again in hardware mode.

However, as steve has already indicated, you have modeled excessive faces on the head, eyes and hands. :P


I guess that the speed of the workspace and render depends on many different factors, and it is obvious that different computers give various effects. If I knock down the polygons on the hands, eyes and head then it wont look smooth and that's not acceptable. Slowed down wireframe mode is the thing that is very strange, it shouldn't be so slow, but I guess that here is the main issue weak integrated graphics card.

Wireframe is no different to solid if you use transparent faces.
If you uncheck that then wireframe is faster.


Hardware mode:
Sequence mode subdivision 31fps
scene mode subdivision 15fps

sequence mode mesh 31fps
scene mode mesh 20fps
scene mode mesh wireframe (No semi-transparent faces) 22fps

If the project is saved and reopened it also makes difference, gets a bit faster.


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