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High Memory Use and Slow Playback Problem

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That calculation while correct comes in 2 flavours.
The second is

heh, what is the average texture size people are using here?
My average is 64x64x4 and my largest would have to be 3200x1600x24 360 panorama


Perhaps this is me (or my Little tablet) but I make up a Rig with some objects attached , go to figure editor to manipulate the bones do a sequence all looks good. Next I go to scene to build/Add figure and this is where it all falls down , I have a figure without the rig, I can add sequences to a non -existent rig, but obviously nothing animates. Build 1222

Memory 'thing' didn't happen to 1219 dev. version and on 0980 version with the same project. Also, after removing two jpeg files used for eyes and body everything worked without memory increase. Here is the whole project, anyone can use/change the given model for every purpose, without those two .jpg files which are not mine- I downloaded them from internet, just point that 'Slex' made the base model if you want. cheers

slex: Thanks for the project. This very well could be a memory leak since it doesn't happen with earlier versions. I'll look into it.

slex: can you tell me the image size and format of the two missing textures? I.e. .jpg 1024x1024, .png 64x64, or whatever. I don't think I need the actual images.


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