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An update on the jitter: I've created some examples that are extremely sensitive to jitter. I'm now experimenting with various damping schemes and alternate IK algorithms. I'll keep everyone posted.

Steve: Thanks man. You're awesome.

Steve: A bit late, but I still wanna wish you Merry Christmas. And of course Happy Holidays, man. :D :D :D

Check out build 1264 for a new IK solver! I implemented several different solvers. To see how they behave, try the different scenes with the attached project. The three solvers used are:

1. Jacobian Inverse. Supposedly the best. Very fast solver but becomes quite unstable when a target is unreachable.  Two jointed chains do well but 3 joints shows problems. See scene "Tripple Chains" (yes, it should be "Triple" but I don't want to rename everything just to fix my bad spelling :( ). The first 15 frames are stable but after that the effector moves to the side which the figure can't do. This causes jitter.

2. Jacobian Transpose. This is the best. It's can be slow to solve, especially when the effector is out of reach. Anim8or uses it now.

3. Monte Carlo. An alternate solver works OK with 2-bone chains with limited joints. Also work when the target is out of reach. Otherwise it's very jumpy. Left it in for this build just for fun.

Note: The only solver supported at the user level is Jacobian Transpose. You won't be able to use the others in normal use.

Have fun!

Thanks Steve, Happy new year for everbody!!!


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