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Copy past issue. World-object coordinates issue

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Sweet, Steve !!! Though you should check it not from the v.1.0 but form v.0.1 , since this issue was there like always. It was the first thing I noticed since I discovered Anim8or . :) Cool !
Now just some tiny other things, since I don't feel would be a good idea to create more topics just about them and since there's  going kind of a discussion here about relative tools ( commands ) :

1) Why in "Component selection"  in the right toolbar "points" ("p"-hotkey) were renamed to "vertexes" ("v"-hotkey), since everywhere in edit menu there are "point - commands " and not "vertex commands".

2) Maybe the most unimportant thing : ( hotkeys do their job right so we don't touch them ) in p/e/f component selection again, with the use of LMB one item only is selected, while the previous is deselected. With the RMB you add to selection or deselect an already selected item while other not affected ( see deselected ). But , say you have only edges selected, if you click on them with RMB which deselect a selected item , the selection " jumps " on points ( vertexes ) . Whouldn't it be more logical if you click on only selected item with RMB it would do nothing as if you click on the only selected item with LMB ( though "doing nothing" is not exatly correct, since it deselect and select again the same component, right ? ). In other words the command ( RMB ) will " see" that there are no other components selected and it won't deselect the selected one. Just to keep thing as " clean" as possible, though as I said, that's not a bug, so see it as the most low priority.

--- Quote from: Steve on August 20, 2017, 10:03:23 pm ---There was a bit of a discussion on how this should work - some people liked it the to grow the selection and others not. So I made it an option

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Gyperboloid on August 16, 2017, 11:08:46 am ---Wow, nemyax, thanks! It works!... But still, it doesn't stay checked when I open the UI Configuration , the box is unchecked... I don't know if it's a tiny bug or it's my computer's glitch.

Just figured out, that not only every time I open the Configure UI dialog the box on Extend PFE selection is uncheked, but in some manner the Solid View Smooth Points option seems to get randomly enabled-dissabled, while the PFE selection in the work space get dissabled too. ???

--- End quote ---
I figured out how it behaves exactly. It seems that the " Extend PFE ( why PFE and not PEF :) ) selection " show ( and actually gets ) unchecked everytime the " Configure UI " dialog is called. Though Anim8or remembers  every other box settings status as I leave them, even after programm being closed. It happens no matter right after Anim8or start up, in the middle of the session, in other words not affected by other manipulations. Second to that it seems ( actually is ) the " Smooth point " visibility in " Solid views " in " Configure UI " always,  follows the status of the " extend PFE selection " . If I ckeck the " extend PFE selection " box while leave unchecked the " Smooth points " and hit OK, next time I open the dialog again, the " extend PFE selection " will be unchecked but the " Smooth points " checked. And now if I hit OK as is, next time I will open the " Configure UI "  both will be unchecked, the " extend PFE selection " because it gets so always and the " Smooth points " because it fallows the PFE status. Though that is something that happens to me and only if others can verify the same behavior on their systems it can be called a bug.

4) In the same dialog window there's an option about Anim8or color scheme. Since I don't think some will disagree that the new theme is awsome  8) , is there a need for that extra option in the Configure UI dialog ? Now if there would be kind of a choise to set a user color  :P , though the grey is the best for the eyes and why to " play " with colors in that manner doesn't seem clear. Others thoughts needed.


--- Quote from: Gyperboloid on August 23, 2017, 01:24:19 pm ---Why in "Component selection"  in the right toolbar "points" ("p"-hotkey) were renamed to "vertexes" ("v"-hotkey), since everywhere in edit menu there are "point - commands " and not "vertex commands".

--- End quote ---
The hotkey was changed to v so that you can switch to any component type effortlessly with your left hand.


1) --- What nemyax said :)

2) RMB toggles the V E F enable that you click on. If only one is enabled and you toggle it off then there is nothing left enabled (which is kind of useless, or so I thought) so Anim8or enables V.

3) This is a bug - the box should be checked accordingly. The setting is currently saved in the registry so that when you restart Anim8or it is remembered. However the dialog sets the value of "Smooth Points" instead of "Extend PFE Selection", so when you open the dialog and exit with "OK" the setting is cleared and "Smooth Points" gets the old value, unless you have re-checked everything. I'll fix this.

3A) What do you think about changing PFE to VFE in the dialog to be consistent with the hot-keys.

4) I preserved the old color scheme because some people like it better.

I am one of those "Old Colour" users as I find the new one odd, I'm just used to seeing an8 in blue.

Yes, lets change PEF to VEF, that should alleviate some confusion around "point" and "Vertex" (Gyperboloid: the Plural of Vertex is Vertices although I too have been know to use the incorrect Vertexes before)

Agreed on Steve's point2


Some of us with older eyesight prefer the older color scheme because it has higher contrast than the newer one.


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