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Made video about the way I design characters that I make in Anim8or.

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@ronaldefarmer, That's my hypothesis to. The word for seeing recognizable shapes in arbitrary places is "pareidolia."

I think that when someone calls something over-sexualized or describes it as a result of the "coding in the male gaze" it's a clear cut case of pareidolia.

@ Everyone else, I'm always happy to make are with An8 and see that that An8 community enjoys it!

Since she's supposed to be a representation of the Shark in the anim8or tutorial as well as the one that used to appear in the previous splash screens. It just dawned on me that her name should be "Shakie Splash" that would also suggest that Robin's full name could be "Robin Icon".

I don't see anything 'over sexualised'......I would use the term, 'girly'.
But nothing sexual.

You obviously are not looking at the picture while wearing appropriately tinted Puritanical glasses.

Some regions of the U.S. are *extremely* conservative. I don't know if that might be the background for the instructor who's voicing the objections, of course. However, to someone with that background, a non-human who exhibits human physical attractiveness and is wearing clothing which is designed to display that attractiveness (bare midrif and short shorts) is going to be quite distressing.

For those of you who want to know what happened after the video, I had an email exchange with her, which can be heard in the audio of this video:


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