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v1.01 Development Release - Build 1357, March 15, 2019

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The current development release is v1.01.1357, March 15, 2019:

These notes are for the development branch of Anim8or, currently labeled v1.01.xxxx. As changes are verified many but not all will be rolled int the main branch, v1.00x.

The following is a cumulative list of major changes to this development branch since the latest "official" release, v1.00b.

Major changes for build 1357 dated March 15, 2019:

ASL scanner: Add tokens for at sign "@" and questoin mark "?":
Fix #101-028: Arc-Rotate Crashes in Perspective and Stereo Crash views.
Stereo Views: update in parallel when using Arc-Rotate.

Previous v1.01.xxxx releases:

Major changes for build 1356 dated March13, 2019:

ART rendering: Improve fast AA for transparent and reflective materials.
ASL scripts: Add "wb" option for ASL files.
ASL scripts: Save render images in script with new type image and output functions:

class image {
    int WriteBMP(string fName); // All functions return 1 if OK, 0 if failed
    int WriteJPG(string fName [ , int quality = 95 ] ); // 0 = lowest, 100 = highest
    int WritePNG(string fName [, int IncludeAlpha = 0 ] );

New member "GetImage()" in project type:
image GetImage(int image_id); // Returns NULL if no such image.

Fix #101-026: Sequences that go beyond the end of a scene don't extend the scene.
Fix #101-027: Stereo Crossed option doesn't do anything.
Stereo: Fix View->User and View->Stereo menu commands.
Stereo: Add menu option to swap left and right images for use in VR viewers.
Arc Rotate: When using Arc-Rotate in a camera or light view, alter the position and orientation of the camera or light accordingly.
Frames or Seconds: Add menu option to toggle between showing seconds or frame numbers in time tracks.

Major changes for build 1348 dated December 13, 2018:

Clay Model Style: Added a new rendering style for working views and renders that displays all objects using a two-sided clay material. This can make it easier to see the shape when you're modeling especially for objects with patterned materials.
Fix: Edit | Rotate doesn't work for components again.
Fix: Art FastAA crash when more than 256 samples are used.
Fix: GLSL fragment shaders: emissive weight was wrong, it used Ks instead of Ke.

Major changes for build 1345 dated December 2, 2018:

Reimplement: changes in builds 1325 to 1332 that were lost due to my disk crash.

Major changes for build 1332 dated August 6, 2018:
New Bone Editing Idea: This build has one major addition, an alternate way to edit a Figure's bone structure, plus a new way to show bones. Please post your comments about it in this topic.

Major changes for build 1330 dated July 22, 2018:
ART: Increase maximum number of threads for multi-threaded rendering from 8 to 16 (with an 16 core CPU).
ART: Add int attribute "MaxThreads" to set the maximum number of rendering threads.  0 = use Anim8or default. -N = use #cores - N.
Scene Editor: Add camera move/pan widget. Active in Arrow/Move and Arrow/Rotate modes.
ASL BUG: Restore LockAmbiantDiffuse, SetAmbientColor, SetDiffuseColor, etc. function calls that were accidentally deleted in earlier drop.
Fix bug from cl-1324: Edit->Rotate menu accidentally disabled in point editor when Delete Unreferenced Materials was added to Edit menu.
Fix #101-025: Image, Panoramic and Cube Map Backgrounds rendering issues.

Major changes for build 1329 dated July 7, 2018:
ART: Add multi-threaded rendering. Increases speed up rendering up to 8X (with an 8 core CPU).
ART: Improve Fast AA rendering speed and accuracy. (depth, light-mask, normals, materials)
Normal Maps: Fix problem in ART Normal Map rendering.
Normal Maps: Add new option to swap U coordinate direction.
Fix ART bug: where something marked Don't Cast Shadows do so anyway.
Fix #101-023: Ctrl-A Doesn't Select Faces in Groups.

Major changes for build 1325 dated May 30, 2018:
Delete Unreferenced Materials: new command.
Improve texture file searches: fix "./" file path bug.
ASL Materials: Add numerous new members, include two sided support. See the ASL spec for details.

Major changes for build 1321 dated March 15, 2018:
Fix crash loading project introduced by cl-1320.
ASL Files: Add support for reading text files using GPScan token scanner. See this topic for more details.

Major changes for build 1318 dated January 25, 2018:
Scene Editor: Added Element Folders which all you to group element in the track window for easier management of large projects.
- Fixed several minor Undo/Redo bugs such as Element name changes not being applied.

Major changes for build 1317 dated January 14, 2018:
Fix #101-017: Issues with Groups and Layers.
   Use group's layer instead of each component's layer when displaying or selecting a group.
   Use the group number of the components in a group when creating a group.
   For multiple group numbers, use any one of them.
Fix #101-018: Reading a .an8 file with a script-based parameteric shape in a group crashes.
Fix #101-019: Script controllers for scene morph targets with aren't saved in .an8 file.
IK effector: Change to not move location of effector unless the user have specifically moved it
(i.e. not when it was moved because it couldn't be reached when the whole figure was moved).
Connected Face Extrusion: Expand cases when new faces are kept parallel to original faces.
Inset Tool: Change to inset edges parallel and equal distance to original edges. Previous behavior (that moved edges relative to the length of each individual edge) is available using the Shift key.
Scene Editor: Add menu command Edit->Bones->KeySelectedControllers.
Fix #101-020: Object Editor: Copy/Pasting a Group with a sub Group doesn't work correctly.

Major changes for build 1314 dated December 20, 2017:
Depth Channel: You can now make movies of the depth channel.
Depth Channel: Fixed small bugs in Z-near/Z-far dialogs as they relate to rendering.
Frame Viewports: Hot-key f changed to frame only the focus view. Hot-key Ctrl-Sh-F added to frame all views.
User Lights: Added an option Options->UseDefaultLighting to disable user lights and use default lighting in the scene editor:
CAD: Display the angle between selected adjacent edges.
CAD: Highlight values in orange when the mouse moves over the component.
Material Samples: Fix bug where they didn't render when layer 0 was hidden.

Major changes for build 1312 dated December 11, 2017:
Fix #100-010:GLSL materials with more than 4 textures are broken.
Fix #100-011:Rendering a scene a second time hangs
Fix #100-012:Shape rotations don't follow object coordinates in object editor.
Fix #100-013:Object/Move command uses World coordinates when Object coordinates are selected.
Fix #100-014: Shell and Extrude Connected commands can cause spikes.
Fix #100-015: Sliding Resized Figures with IK.
Scene Editor: Add Copy/Paste for Scene Elements.
Object editor: Add Build->SplitSolids command that separates unconnected parts of a mesh or subdivision surface.
Pivot: Add Edit->Pivot->CenterPivot, AlignWithShape, AlignWithWorld commands.
Point Editor: Implement Edit->Rotate->Rotate commands.
Text Object: Add default font to project: type-face, size, italic, bold

Wow, it is really great! Thank you very much Steve! Can the depth channel be enabled in the render movie menu in this version?

No, this build doesn't have an option for rendering a movie of the depth channel.

Anyway, all the new features are really satisfactory. Thank you very much Steve!


--- Quote from: Steve on December 11, 2017, 11:33:54 pm ---Point Editor: Implement Edit->Rotate->Rotate commands.

--- End quote ---
This is a very welcome improvement, thanks!
I hope move and scale are coming soon, too.


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