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An update to Anim8or, v1.00b, is available with a few bug fixes. Get your copy HERE. See the "ReadMe" file for details.

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steve: here is the missing file, I didn't use it for the texturing nor the file that you already found, file 'texture0' is missing but it's the same as 'untitled 2'.

that was a cunning way to find the picture   ???, I'll upload all the included pictures in few hours because I'm not at home near the working comp.

Steve, only those two pictures within the zipped file were used on the body. One of the missing pictures is about 600kb, and others are about 15kb.

Memory 'thing' didn't happen to 1219 dev. version and on 0980 version with the same project. Also, after removing two jpeg files used for eyes and body everything worked without memory increase. Here is the whole project, anyone can use/change the given model for every purpose, without those two .jpg files which are not mine- I downloaded them from internet, just point that 'Slex' made the base model if you want. cheers

Actually, here is a prtscr. memory goes way beyond 100MB, I did very big number of steps in a scene  :o

unfortunately, I had few crashes in scene editor when there are many steps with loaded object consisted of a mix of subdivision+mesh+textures and it's figure and sequence with multiple instances included in a scene, my laptop has 4gigs of ram so I guess it isn't computer. I've noticed in task manager that program becomes slow when there are too many undo steps, it starts with 25MB, after loading the project it goes to 50MB and with each new movement it adds few megabytes of ram in the task manager.
Maybe increasing undo buffer to 500MB or even more could solve the problem or limiting the undo-redo to maximum of let's say 15 steps so it 'forgets' older steps?

Raxx- did you increase undo buffer to max 100MB, maybe it lacks of RAM memory? Could the undo buffer be increased to more than 100MB, lack of ram makes many graphical programs act weird.

 :o preserved undo-redo history after rendering is great. Thanks.
 Mr.Steve, I would suggest that you post the link for development versions of Anim8or on the main page of the site next to the v0.98. It is much improved and looks cool and some new users may find it easier to work with it.

AlecJames- try to render the whole animation in PNG pictures, then you could use some video editor to join those pictures into video file.

Slex:No it still does not work correctly.However the topo tool will get aroud my problem as that does work, making the knife toolkind of redundant
try to erase older versions of anim8or unzipped files and try again :-\.

'kreator', I had that problem and I've changed 'configure UI' - now everything is checked except preview and works OK.

slex: I should be able to preserve the undo list through renders.  However it's much harder to do it when you change between the different editors because changes that you make in the Figure editor, for example, can invalidate the undo data for a Scene.
I was thinking- could it be possible to preserve 'undo-redo' data within the saved .an8 file? That would also do the same purpose- by saving .an8 file of the current editor and starting that project again and giving it different name. Also if user activates the autosave then most of the steps would be kept if project crashes for any reason.

hello :)
I just wanted to ask if there is possibility to 'undo and redo' history without limitations? Whenever I do some test rendering to preview image and close the rendered picture all the history vanishes and undo or redo is impossible :'(.
   It would be great if there could be some kind of 'undo-redo' pallete on every workspace - it doesn't need to have text-description  asigned to every step, I'd sugest only numbers (i.e numbers from range 1-20 under 'undo' for twenty 'undo' steps and the same for 'redo').

Just out of interest some of my scripts do not work with this latest version of Anim8or I get "out of bounds memory" on my laptop running Windows10.  Most significant is mesh2path by NickE which I use quite a lot. Any body else had the problem?
--Try to manually increase ''Undo buffer'' to about 100MB(default is only 1MB) in /file/configure/Undo buffer//.

Update//I finished test video made with 1194- rendering time was about hour. here's the link:[/youtube]]https://www.
   :) (btw. video is short, you can loop it by double right click and select repeat)[/color]

 8)  I've found nice solution for transferring .an8 files(but it is plausible only when there aren't too many pictures involved in a project)-so I could transfer projects on usb or some cloud storage and work on it or render it on other computers. I just copy needed .an8 file in new folder, then I copy all the pictures used for that project and paste it into that folder also. When I copy it on some other computer and start that project - Anim8or looks for picture files automatically in that folder ;D

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