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Hi this is my First Post in WIP Forum..
My Project:
1rst 3DWebPage Editor
Is alpha release
This is multi engine edithor. . . not for only 3dWebPages..

2d 3D WebBrowser


Only click in url to activate and press ENTER..
here are somes dirs..
they show many functions and 3d examples.
downloads tool works fine but in the example i forgot put the correct url... sorry..
they Show 3d Matrix..




Hi i experiment whit many plataforms to make a real 3D Web Browser, but i chose darkbasic as plataform and Anim8or as Modeler.. so i make an 3D Multieditor, for Fps,Rol,Rts and 3DWWW whit respectives engines, the first 80% terminated is the 3dWWW engine and is in beta bersion.. thet work great in a god internet conection.. here are somes shot.. i realy need help whit somes designs.. i make many design in png format, and real 3d, but in somes screens or computers the png format dont work... (i suppose need directx 9c).. so here are somes screenshot in realtime...

You click in any link ando go to the target..
they have scroll mesajes like this

You can add download content like regular web page

And scroll image dragon images

Here you see you can add you own 3D models as other elements and add actions like  animations, rotation or texture animations

Scroll News whit auto refresh (like a live chat)

You can do anithing.. this engine i made in 1 month whit 2 hours per day... and here are the results..

Now my question.. i make somes design but the png format makeme crazy.. in somes pc's work exelent and in others not work...
here are the browser if you like see in realtime...
1. Download Web Browser..
2. Execute
- appear one cube, but if you move your mouse at top the window and click , appear a url.
- delete this url and put
- NOT PUT "/" in the end..
- Wait a few seconds, then appear a messake "OK" then wait 5 seconds and appear a basic 3D Web...
i realy like your help..

[ic:coffee]20 of june 2008
here is the original post you can download the beta browser


other .. this is my first Csi-Fi Gun
O hope you like.. this is my first csi-fi model gun i made..
this is a container style...

clik to see full..

You can download in .X 3ds anim8or, milkshape.. md2.. etc..

Hi.. i design somes mitologic creatures in low poligon count for a game.. and there is..
modeled and textured in anim8or, rigg and animation in milkshape
1. Basilisco (live under your house and eat your life energy)

2.- Cuchivilú: Destroy webs of colonies and eats all fish in the coast..

3. Bastago: his screeam make people crazy..

4. Brujo : witch they vomit her intestines and tranform in a bird.. for destroy him, you need find hidden inetstines and burn them...

5. El Malo: Clasic evil lizzar, in all cultures have one...

In works..
Pincoya: beatyfull woman of the see (Is not a mermaid)
Pincoy: her lover
El Cuero: Eats childs in the coast.

bye.. ;)

I make somes works but the render in anim8oris a problem for me...
how make better renders.???

I make a concept..

I Paint the concept

I model 3d in Anim8or, add somes particles for smoke and render..

But.. the resul is Baad.......

How i Fix That...????

H E L P!!!

That is other Bad Render...
(Color Opaque)


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