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"yes, those are definitely excellent textures: probably the best I've seen. Were they made from scratch, or did you use downloaded images of some sort?"
hi man.. i dont use downloaded images.. i made direct in screen. when i finish paint i make de 3d model..
and all this models are "real" mytologic creatures of my islan (i live in Chiloe , ancud city - in CHILE)

Hola pu tio diego.. yo vengo de conce.. y no me atraen mucho esos juegos de naipes. pero si me agradan los dise˝os que ocupan aunque los realizados por "Salo" son bastante deficientes.. Saludos por alla..

thanks.. the textures i made in sketchdraw only whit my mouse.. i no have a digital table :O(  i no use external textures...

Hi.. i design somes mitologic creatures in low poligon count for a game.. and there is..
modeled and textured in anim8or, rigg and animation in milkshape
1. Basilisco (live under your house and eat your life energy)

2.- Cuchivil˙: Destroy webs of colonies and eats all fish in the coast..

3. Bastago: his screeam make people crazy..

4. Brujo : witch they vomit her intestines and tranform in a bird.. for destroy him, you need find hidden inetstines and burn them...

5. El Malo: Clasic evil lizzar, in all cultures have one...

In works..
Pincoya: beatyfull woman of the see (Is not a mermaid)
Pincoy: her lover
El Cuero: Eats childs in the coast.

bye.. ;)

thanks... i add more locals lights and hig textures...

sorry my englis..

I make somes works but the render in anim8oris a problem for me...
how make better renders.???

I make a concept..

I Paint the concept

I model 3d in Anim8or, add somes particles for smoke and render..

But.. the resul is Baad.......

How i Fix That...????

H E L P!!!

That is other Bad Render...
(Color Opaque)


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