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ASL Scripts / Script Request: untriangulate faces
« on: August 15, 2008, 03:55:08 pm »
Hello all,

some one can  maker this plugin?
untriangulate faces of mesh..for 3ds objects import..etc..

i think then if to change parameters of the "Remove useless points.a8s by Kubajzz" can work...

I use another application for make this..but be cool if Anim8or has this plugin script.. ;)

thanks All! :D

Neirão - Brazil

Hello all !!,
in my anim8or NEVER the "SCALE in FIGURE MODE" work! :'(

What i do??

All buttons and functions work, but this never work..

Please someone can help me and tell me why? ;)

Thanks all and thank´s Steve!!

PS: sorry my English.
Neirão - Brazil

Hi All,

is possible to charger "mesh2path_2.a8s" to duplicate objects BASED ONLY IN THE POINTS and axis X,Y and Z of mesh?
follow sample:

for generate hair, grass etc...

.a8s for download?

(PS: the Standalone Grassgen software don´t work right in rounded objects and axis Y).
I believe then a8s. script work better!!

Thanks all!

- Sorry my english ok, i´m not americam

Neirao - Brazil

 :D Hello All!!


A menu in Flash with 20 shorts animations made 100% in Anim8or;


Thank and congratulations for Anim8or software!!  Steven!!


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