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i get your point steve ;) great work you're doing here and i'm the last one to complain about it. keep up the good work :)

oh i wasnt talking to you steve, dont worry :) but i know there are lots of people around here who know their way around programming, i kinda expected some reply from them.
too bad it wont work this way. i didnt rly understand the dark smudges but i guess its right, since i got to hear the pro ;-) anyway, thanks for the reply :-)

okay the least thing you guys could do is reply. wether you think its bad or not. just post your toughts.

General Anim8or Forum / Re: How bout' an anim8or book?
« on: December 31, 2007, 05:13:38 pm »
ill help writing a book, but only if the books will be given away freely. if we all put a little money together, i think we can manage to pull a ubuntu-like service off. (ubuntu sends cd's with software content for free to wherever you live, no send costs, nothing. just type in your adress.)

It would be great if this could be done. maybe a book print company would sponsor us if we put their logo on the top-left of the cover.

i'm not a programmer so this probably makes no sense, however it might be of use.

It just occured to me that to create soft shadows, you might as well render out a hard shadow map, apply gaussian blur to it and then apply the soft map to the scene. this way you get soft shadows too. This method should work much faster as gaussian blur is quite a fast script.

did this make sense?  :D

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