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General Anim8or Forum / AmbientOccluder
« on: September 25, 2008, 12:03:34 pm »
hey all.  long time no see.  cool that steve got a new forum. 

So anyway, after a long anim8or hiatus, i was checking out the new updates.  And I'm trying to figure out how to use the new ambient occlusion feature.  I should make it clear that i'm far from a fan of the new "attribute" option.  I think its a UI nightmare, something blender would come up with. 

that said.  I created the AmbientOccluder attribute in scene mode. however, trying to render with this and the suggested settings of global intesity 0.0 and ambient intensity 3.14 renders a black scene.  which is exactly what i'd expect to render if i set the intensity of lights to 0.  could anyone explain what i'm doing wrong here? I'm using the ART raytracer, I'm not especially sure where to specify that i want 64xAA samples or 256, so perhaps it has something to do with that.   

and hopefully, this attributes idea is just a temporary thing during the preview phase.  other than that, I must say i'm in awe of the feature improvements steve has made.  if only i could figure out how to use them >_<.

fun fact: the current version of anim8or works flawlessly in linux under wine.   unless i am in fact doing the ambient occluder thing correctly, and wine is messing it up somehow.  which i doubt, because i don't think the ambient occluder would rely on any windows libraries.

edit: note, that enabling the AmbientOccluder attribute does increase my render times.  there's just nothing in the render to show for it.

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