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I will get Sharkie and Robin up as Ceramic figures that you will be able to get for yourself at shapeways!

Well it's actually a screen cap and not a render. Though I intend to get much more clean images, especially with the use of shaders when I import it into Unity, for now though, I am just working on poses to test out the limitations of my new rigging and weight painting techniques. Look the model never breaks on itself and the skirt never clips the legs:


I wanted to start the year off in a fun way, so I made an updated avatar, I hope to feature this in animations on my youtube in 2018!

Thank you, I have spent a lot of time mastering my craft!

That's wonderful to know, 2018 is already off to a good start, belated Happy New Year to you too!

Oh sorry I was busy all December. No transparancy was used, just modeling out each piece of hair one at a time!

Glad you like it!

General Anim8or Forum / Hey Remember when I turned Robin into A harpy?
« on: December 31, 2017, 07:19:38 am »
Remember when I turned the two mascots of Anim8or, the Robin and the Shark into anime girls?

So I have been recently looking into the prospect of creating 3D models of animated characters to distribute on sites like and Unity Asset Store for aspiring animators and game developers to use as they please for their projects.

I haven't yet done anything yet, but I wanted to know if it'd be acceptable if my interpretation of these characters was among those in my product line.

For more details on my plan:

So I've been working on this idea in the form of documents for a few months: I wanted to start a franchise called "Mistic Maiden." (yes spelled like that). MM is planned to run for a number of different mediums:
Video Game Assets
Shape Ways 3D Printed potable and dress-up-friendly action figures.
Shape Ways stationary figures
Video Games
Youtube Animated Shorts
Web Comics
Music Albums

MM's main lines though will be it's toyline and game asset line. And to that end the products will tend to have a focus on spins on mythological, or otherwise original fantasy characters that look like they could be inspired by some mythology.

Robin and Sharkie, are also going to be significant in another project I want to do for 2018, a fresh new set of Youtube Tutorials on 3D modeling and Animation featuring Anim8or and Maya (pending name "Animation sensei").

So I guess the question I have for Steve is would using these characters for my Mistic Maiden franchise and also in a way to promote Anim8or be acceptable/sanctioned?

I would love to use these characters to promote the program I adore and love the most of all, Anim8or. But if it's not Ok, then the characters are probably different enough a take on the source material that they could be instead published as general public domain characters.

Funny, my little brother said the same thing.

I have a few games on steam, but all my currently published stuff is here:

Thanks everyone! And sure thing!

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Sash Lilac (Freedom Planet 2) WIP
« on: November 27, 2017, 06:46:25 pm »
Decided to try do fan-art, other people's characters to expand my comfort zone on 3D modeling aspects of design. I try to make sure that she stays recognizable from the source material, but drawn in a way that she also would not look out of place standing next to my classic characters. Though I did make a few creative liberties with the design, I tried otherwise to be quite faithful to the official depictions of her.

Anim8or Challenges / Re: Challenge suggestions.
« on: October 09, 2017, 07:08:42 pm »
You mean a MAP?

Thanks I have a habit of offering superfluous examples and analogies to try to triangulate in onto a point better.

For those of you who want to know what happened after the video, I had an email exchange with her, which can be heard in the audio of this video:

Since she's supposed to be a representation of the Shark in the anim8or tutorial as well as the one that used to appear in the previous splash screens. It just dawned on me that her name should be "Shakie Splash" that would also suggest that Robin's full name could be "Robin Icon".

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