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Challenge #34: Anim8or 1.0 splash screen

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Ok, here's mine.  It probably won't be much use as the actual splash screen for the following reasons:

* While it took about 13-14 hours to build the models and rig the scene, it took approx. 75 hours to render the double-size version on an i7-2600 Quaddy with AA at 64 samples per pixel! The main ship element uses glossyreflector and specular reflection while the 'Anim8or' title uses dielectric attributes, these are the main reasons for the slow render time.  The time would have been much less if I rendered at final size, there probably wasn't much benefit in the large render... I just wanted to see it more clearly.  The render stats are: init=0.16, render=255090.63, rays=519908721. So that's over half a billion rays  :o
* I couldn't resist having a not-so-subtle dig at that other free 3D package, with a bit of a nod at the two most popular non-free packages. Fun, but perhaps a bit too politically-incorrect for a spash screen :D
Regardless, I had a ton of fun doing this!  I should mention that this was all done in 1.0 beta with no problems found, everything I used worked exactly as expected.  There is still the problem with the ART renderer having uncontrollable shadows (always 100% with cast/receive options having no effect) which played a bit of havoc with the layout of the scene, but this is a known problem and with a bit of forced perspective it wasn't insurmountable.  The only non-3D element is the copyright and website info across the bottom, no other 2D processing was done other than a slight increase of overall saturation for the small version.

Both the 'final' version and the original full-size render are attached.  The AN8 file and textures will be provided if required, note that total textures file size is about 9MB.

I'm really looking forward to seeing more submissions, there's a lot of talent in this forum across a wide range of styles.

I really like the spaceship, it is a dynamic scene with very dark Rembrandt corners. I would love to see another variation on this theme with more light. Every where you go there are star wars images and toys, so I think Ensoniq5 is faithful to the current vogue.Great work, well done. :)

Neat! reminds me of one of my favorite cartoons growing up "War Planets"

Though the caption at the bottom reminds me that I have a question, to what extent are we allowed to digitally alter the render in an image editing program?

It's better not  to have text added. And now that I think about it, I'll add the copyright notice afterwards using software, just like I do now. So it shouldn't have "Copyright 1999-2017 ...", just the 3D Anim8or. (I changed to rules above to reflect this.)

Okay, here's a first look at what I'm working on. I may've thieved a little inspiration from the Anim8or gallery :3 but scenes like this are good for me because I have a rather easy time "realistically" modelling inorganic objects. plus they look cool and use loads of render-intensive materials and stuff.

There's a lot that's not there yet (e.g. bristles on the brushes, the entire sink and countertop is just a placeholder until I model the real one, gotta add a drawer under that, I'm gonna make a towel (maybe monogrammed with my or Steve's initials on it :D :D)

Rendering this scene in ART w/o AA at half the size of the final (which will be scaled down to half afterwards) took 45s.
AMD FX-8300 8-core and 8gb RAM, for those who wondered.


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