Vote for the Anim8or v1.0 Splash Screen

Help decide how everyone see's Anim8or

The mythical v1.0 will soon be released. Several users have said that it's splash screen is, well, rather "simplistic". It doesn't show the real capabilities of Anim8or. It's hard to argue with that. Yes, I made it, but then I'm a better programmer than modeler.

So several talented users have created their vision of the splash screen. You can see their progress in designing the screens here in the forum. You can vote for your favorites there as well. The final results are shown below, listed in the order that they were first shown in the forum.


2. kreator

3. fromsoysauce

4. thecolclough

5. ronaldefarmer

6. Kunihiko

Now that you've see all the entries, vote for your favorite here in the forum!