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The drawings are actual scale representations, topography is based on estimations from a bunch of refrence photographs and some local knowledge (I lived there for a few years).

The location is so remote (Isle of Foula, Shetland Isles) I dont think a thoedolite has been used there much, so there not any really acurate data available.

See Foula here . Leraback B&B is the location. When you see this place you can understand why its known as "The Edge of the world"

1st off, just want to say thanks for this great program.

I recently helped out my father-in-law by producing some plans for planning permission for some chalets he wants to build.

With the help of anim8or I went a step further and built the chalets in situ and created a couple of complimentary animations.

The chalets met immediate approval when the planning department saw the sum total of this work.

See the summary of the work at

There's 2 pages, 1 animation (allow time to start after pushing play) on each and a bunch of screenies on page 1.

The chalets look like hobbit holes I know, but I didnt design them, only modelled them.

Thanks agaian for this excellent program.

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