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i can see it in the working view using the camera view, but its just rendering the image. I can render it using Scanline and the fog works ! :) its just when i use the Art Ray Tracer it doesnt seem to work at all in the render, although the fog is showing in the working camera view :(
also, transparency effects dnt seem to work very well in the art tracer render either:(
its a shame really, because ray traced graphics look so awesome :D


just bought my Quadcore with vista. Runs Anim8or perfectly xD and the art tracer finally works well:P ... one problem ...... i enable fog but when i render the image, there isnt no fog :S im not sure why this might be. Can anyone help me out?>


Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: April 14, 2009, 03:53:47 pm »
a few more sketches for Jharin ...

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: April 14, 2009, 02:50:10 pm »
glad you're interested mate:)
after july, will be able to do so much when i get my new pc xD
here are a few cam shots i took of my concept art for jharin, quon and the cave environments of the game, inc. puzzle ideas etc:)

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: April 13, 2009, 06:40:24 am »
adventure maker is awesome:) im buying the commercial version soon:) extra features, and you're less limited to wat u can create etc, in terms of game layout, etc. Also, you can actually MAKE a saleable game which comes with the installation interface for users already made etc ...

I hope to be adding some sketches of puzzle designs, world designs, etc, soon:)

hey man, looks cool:) was wondering, what renderer did you use? you mentioned raytraced and instantly i was interested:P lol

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: April 12, 2009, 04:01:44 am »
thanks for the comments :)
good to see some people might still be interested :D 2bh working with others is great, the more input and ideas the more varied and interesting the finished art will be:)
ive attempted about ... 2 games. this being my 3rd. i hope it will actually be something, that i will finish it, etc. purposes for making it are for portfolio reasons for uni, work in game design industry or the artt industry, as evidence of experience, dedication n enthusiasm, but also maybe as a commercial sale too:)

the enuthusiasm will be alot stronger once my new pc arrivess xD can finally get some really decent artwork made, things i wanted to do but cant at the moment, due to the restrictions of my current pc

if any of you two have msns, then ill add ya:)we can discuss better over there. ta for the interest again:)

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: April 07, 2009, 07:23:18 am »
not at the moment. i am currently just working on design sketches for the three worlds and how they are going to be laid out etc, also in terms of puzzles etc ... So far, Jharin is looking good:) its taking quite a good shape and the world is going to look quite similiar to the Riven set up, however, not so vast and perhaps more jungle based. I have some concept sketches I will soon photograph and upload to this topic asap. Another asset to the game's developement ... i have managed to get a version of Cubase, a high quality music creation software which i have been using for the last two years in my btec music technology course; this will come in useful for musical score production. I have also been given a better keyboard than the one i used to have by my dad ... It has inbuilt effects, arpegiator, modulator, and has some really good ambient sounds. With a new digital camera i bought last summer, i will also be able to get some really high quality decent texture imagery for the 3D models :)

Spicy, what designs did you do for the game? sorry for asking, my minds gone blank and cant remember much about how far we got with the game's developement. Did you come up with some 3d designs for certain models that were going to be used in Avenic?

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: April 06, 2009, 04:19:33 pm »
hello everyone


its been a while since i last posted on this topic but i have never thought about abandoning this project. I admit my alevels have got in the way and only just recently have i been able to put my band aside a bit more and come up with some concept designs for J'harin - one of the three worlds in the game.

Portals will soon be in full swing again, as I will be buying a Quadcore in July, to generate the best renders possible.

If anyone is still up for helping me out with designs and CGI, then look through this post and see previous replies regarding ideas etc, but the game will be in the style of Myst and Riven, etc, point and click, first person, realistic pre-rendered graphics, musical score, ambient sounds, puzzles, adventure in general, fantasy based ...

Hope to hear from someone soon if anyone who WAS interested gets back to me. Again, sorry for the silence.

General Anim8or Forum / Anim8or on Vista
« on: January 16, 2009, 02:01:57 am »
Hey peeps

im not too sure if theres already a topic referring to whether or not Anim8or can work on the Windows Vista platform, but oh well :P lol ....

Im getting myself a Quadcore pretty sooon i hope, which runs on Vista. I need to know if ill be able to continue using anim8or or not :S

i hope  i can ... ive been using it for several years now lol but a new pc will produce much better renders etc

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: December 04, 2008, 04:08:13 pm »
its been ages hahahha

yeah i have Bryce 5 but i decided to keep to anim8or coz i can create results faster even if they arent as good.

atm im like in a band recording quite a bit of music, doing my last year of alevels xD so yeah, alls good at the moment. just need to concentrate on my art more and get a job (y) :P

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: December 04, 2008, 01:48:12 am »
Hey guys

ive been away from this for too long, though id pop a comment and see how everyone is

This idea still has potential, just at the moment, without a decent pc, the game aint going to get far to be honest.

hope everyones ok

kinda weird how time flies:Phavent been on her for ages!

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: September 04, 2008, 12:07:39 pm »
haha cheers man :) and texturing, there aint much to it, just experimenting with the settings. For instance, in a sunlight place, you need higha mbience and even higher diffusion, to create the brightness. I got textures from my digital camera and from - if i remnember the name of the site.

At the moment, the game is at a standstill in terms of developement. I aint able to model due to the rubbish pc i am currently working on, but i hope to buy a good dualcore intelprocessor, with 2gb ram, 512mb graphics card, etc, soon :)

Of course you can join! Just create some rnadom stuff and post on here! :) The games in the style of Myst and Riven, etc, so go by those games for a line of inspiration matey ;) look them up!

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: anim8or game team effort
« on: August 31, 2008, 05:54:38 am »
Hey guys

aint been on in ages but the game thingy looks coool.
Are you still building it around a fantasy Might and Magic, Oblivion style game?

i might be able to help out with exterior world models if you want some help:)?

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: August 31, 2008, 05:45:40 am »
Hey dude

Yeah alls gravy at the moment. Portals has halted because work on my current pc sucks. A new Dualcore or Quadcore would be heaven ^^
haha didnt know you worried about me:P

well just let your mind wonder and see what you design in 3D. Use the test render images i posted on here months ago as a template really.


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