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General Anim8or Forum / CGForStarters - Animation Club
« on: January 25, 2011, 11:19:06 pm »
Hello Anim8ors!

Because I've found it so hard to find good resources, training, tutorials, and help on non-traditional animation topics, I've decided to go through all the hassle of setting up a complete training series to get new people interested in animation.  The basis of this series is NOT to teach any one program, modeling, texturing, or animation.  These topics will be covered, but not emphasized.  The primary focus of the course is to give guidelines for storytelling, planning, and executing the animation process.  From concept to credits, the entire movie making process given as a set of tutorials.  Storyboards, character design, setting, mood, plot... I've never seen a tutorial for any of these even after two years of looking.  I plan to give beginner animators these tutorials through "CGForStarters".

To begin with, I will be teaching the fundamentals of animation: Planning, Story, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation, Effects, and Rendering.  To do this I will create an entire short animation from scratch and show the entire process, how I do things and why.  This will give these new animators a base knowledge that can then be applied to anything.  If they follow along then they should have a complete short animation to show off to their friends.  After that we'll see where it goes, but for now that first complete animation and tutorial set is going to take an ESTIMATED 40+ hours of work to complete.

If you wish to contribute to this incredibly difficult task in the form of tutorials, teaching, or technical support (I've had a fun time trying to learn website design by myself  :P)  Please send me an e-mail at ""

Please help me create higher-quality animators for the future by going on the site and telling me how to improve.  I'm a relatively new animator, web designer, tutorial maker, and teacher; any suggestions will be appreciated.

General Anim8or Forum / Modeling and topology
« on: January 04, 2011, 12:24:43 am »
This is an awesome video presentation. It goes over topology, modeling tips, and quite a bit more while making what is the most complex part to model of the human body. It is not Anim8or based, but it is an excellent resource. This video is about an hour long.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / 1963 Chevy Nova SS
« on: November 02, 2010, 09:55:45 pm »
I've been building this model as a favor for some people that moved away, so that he can see his beloved car while he's away.

I only have a picture of the wheel for now. The file I posted is the latest version so far. Unfortunately it will not load. I tried to fix some points on the front fender that got messed up, and now it won't open. Could someone could fix it for me and let me know how to fix it in case it happens again? Thanks.

ASL Scripts / Mesh2mesh directions?
« on: June 03, 2010, 11:26:13 am »

I've been trying to use the mesh2mesh_6_wnfitt_final script, but it has not been working and I cannot find any directions on how to use it. I've got the two objects named "source" and "target".

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Aluminum Can
« on: May 15, 2010, 08:26:02 pm »
Pretty simple; an aluminum drink can with inter-changeable labels, I've made a pepsi can label so far.

Edit: Added a Coke can label

General Anim8or Forum / Anim8or 0.97b lathe
« on: May 08, 2010, 09:13:09 pm »
For some reason Anim8or will not let me lathe more that 32 sections, I need 40.

I type "40" in the lathe menu under sections, but it only makes 32 sections in the final product.

It is kind strange, I'm petty sure it has worked before.

Any ideas?


General Anim8or Forum / Bolt
« on: April 16, 2010, 11:06:18 pm »
Ok, I'm a little obsesed, but here is my inspiration for 3D anim8ing.  ::)

Fairly simple mesh, but it's a pain to make the letters. I couldn't find a good "brushed metal" texture, which would have added alot to making it look better.

Any Ideas on how to make it look more like the second image?

Finished Works and Works in Progress / cat skeleton
« on: March 19, 2010, 03:51:02 pm »
Hey all,

I've started on a rather ambitious project to make a fully articulated feline skeleton. I've done tones of research on cats the past few days, but Google doesn't have very much in the way of good reference images. I did find a rather good site with many pictures of the cat's bones, but that is not enough. The site has pictures showing only two, maybe three, sides of each vertebrae, which really is not enough to get all of the details. I was wondering if anyone happened to have a random skeleton laying around for reference photos or knew of any really good websites that have that information.

I know it's a long shot, but I figured i'd try. Thanks in advance.

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / connect edges bug
« on: February 10, 2010, 08:21:57 pm »

i've been working on a detailed model and found that when i select many edges and use the "edit>connect edges" command the program will add useless edges in between points that originally did not have an edge between them. e.g. i have two 4 sided faces sharing one edge, i select the top two and bottom two edges in the faces and use the connect edges command, which is supposed to subdivide the two selected edges opposite eachother in a face and put a line between them. when i use the command in the example i would end up with 4 four-sided faces, however unlike normal it will put a new line between the 2 new vertices that were created. that new line really messes up the flow of subdivided objects. another consequence of using the "connect-edges" tool is that the normals of the some of the faces are flipped, which is very annoying considering the detail of the model and the small faces and complex geometry.

i have been working on a subdivided model, don't know if that changes things.

General Anim8or Forum / could someone fix this?
« on: January 09, 2010, 11:25:41 am »
could someone please fix these files for me, i've spent alot of time on them but do not know how to fix them. when i try to open them i get an "error in reading file" message.

if you could fix them i would highly appreciate it

General Anim8or Forum / invisible window frame
« on: December 24, 2009, 12:44:14 am »
Hey all,

currently in my project it seems that the window frame blends right into the wall. but in real life i can see the windowsill easily. the geometry is all there but it just blends in. does anyone have any ideas on how to make it stand out better?

you can see the windowsill best where the desk ends on the left.

thanks ahead of time.

General Anim8or Forum / soft shadows change lighting
« on: December 22, 2009, 01:21:32 am »
i just noticed that changing the ray trace shadows from soft made my project get really dark. is this normal? i wanted to save on render time so i turned off the soft shadows i was using, on the render right afterwards the whole project got much darker. turning soft shadows back on fixes the problem.

it's not a big problem, i just want to know for the future

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Galaxy
« on: December 21, 2009, 11:10:47 pm »
my first model, i made it several months ago.

i just made the animation today to show it's components.

it is a large rocket capable of interplanetary travel. the interior bay sections are large enough to fit an array of space shuttles, up to 12, for in-flight repairs or supply shipments. the outer shell of the front sections are 2-3 stories thick and are two counter-rotating artificial gravity platforms for the passengers comfort and convenience. in front of the hab sections and internal bay is a huge lander designed for controled entry to the surface of the target planet for colonization.

realistically, this would never leave the ground, would instantly lose structural strength the instant the engines are fired and would have no chance of returning back to Earth, but who cares about realism?  :D

Finished Works and Works in Progress / RAH-66 Comanche
« on: December 10, 2009, 01:29:35 pm »
Something I made a while ago

it's not quite finished.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / me in my room
« on: November 07, 2009, 09:10:48 pm »
Hello everyone!

 This is my first post, and first animation project. I've been using Anim8or for about 8 months, and it is an amazing program! Thanks Steve!

 Basically the whole of this project's goal was to gain expierience in modeling and animation, as well as accuracy. The room is as realistic as I could get it, to represent to my actual room. The head is based on my own head.

Thanks to anyone who has made a tutorial!

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