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not sure if I will keep them like this, probably will change the color.  but all the textuers are self made and put on my famous scifi figure (which I hope to use in a game in the future)  I cant texture map yet so the back and front of his face are all funny, but the angle of the render does not show it to much.

lemy know what you think

modeled and painted the textures of the vehicle, did a few semi good looking poses for my characters. did the floor reflection type thing in photoshop in the front image, and wala!  ::)


I model and texture stuffs in anim8or, but when I load model to game the texture is never coordinated correctly so it applies to the model right.  how do I export the model from anim8or with coordinated textures?

(hope I asked that right)  ???

Finished Works and Works in Progress / newest render of Girl model
« on: February 10, 2010, 01:12:20 am »
this is about the best thing I have modeled, the body I did with out using any referance images, did it all by memory. I can draw, so I know how a human body should look, same goes with the sword, the head I used some random images from the net, it doesn't look perfect, but its the closest to real I have ever gotten a head to look   ;D

rough, brilliance, etc.   what do they all do?


this is about all I can texture, boxes, lol, I'm still learning how to texture, but this is my reasant breakthough, bump maps, finally figured out how to use them, I know how to paint them, but now I can 3d texture them.


it was photoshoped a little, the textures realizem and the lense flare.

the textures I painted my self
its not the greatest view of the character, but a cool one I supose. I just toor him all apart the other night to redo his torso.

(hopefully the pic will load)

so its been a wile since I have 3d modled, but for the life of me I cant get the figure to move!

I created a bone, atached my human figure to it, then painted weights starting with my main bone working outwards, and the darn thing wont atach!  only the main bone moves the figure at a whole!

what am I forgetting?


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