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I am not sure if anyone ever did this before. I wanted to simulate real life motion for moving objects based on acceleration forces, initial velocities, and position. I could not find any script of this sort. So I created this script that does a fairly good job. For instance, if an animated character drops many objects, it would be easier to apply a script like this to simulate the objects falling and bouncing off the floor and walls. There are some limitations, but, I thought this script could be useful for some of us.

I am not sure if this is by design or not. When a bone is rotated about the Pink Axis, the Green Axis does not track with the bone’s position (I used Front view and middle button to move the bone). The Blue axis tracks, so both Blue and Green Axis can have coincidental planes. I would expect both Axis to move along with its bone axis for which it belongs to. This issue makes it very difficult (impossible?) to implement restricted bone movements properly. Also, When I rotate about the Blue Axis, neither the Pink or Green axis track their corresponding bone’s axis. Only rotations around the Green Axis results in the expected behavior. Issue exists at least in V95c and V97d.

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