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General Anim8or Forum / How would YOU do it ???
« on: June 07, 2021, 11:03:13 am »
OK, "this is it, this is it !"...
Wanted to start this, like, for ages . Being a classic "for ever newbie" I always planned to start a proper modeling-everything-thing learning course ( kind of ), but obviously never did. So, I'm just throwing it on, just like that, at last.
What I'm talking about, is this thread, in which everybody will ( if interested, obviously ) post their way of modeling a specific object. Later , I hope, other disciplines will be added ( rendering, lights, materials, rigging, animatinganim8ing :) ).
Well, some may say that there is bazillion of dedicated sites, forums, information out there already available like...for ever, but this thread will be specifically Anim8or oriented ( dah, weird, isn't it  :D ). While, any links, articles  to any generic modeling relative information are welcome, here will be discussed and more importantly, shown, explained how something can be achieved inside Anim8or, by using its tools. Though, don't be confused: this will not be a kind of a copy of the manual. What to click, where to search for is explained in the manual ( well, most of the basics at least ). Here will be discussed the "proper, more efficient way" of using those tools.
Starting with a very basic, yet important part: "sharp edges".In real world nothing is "really sharp".  How do YOU deal with them, speaking from an artistic modeling approach ( for anything CAD related you usually don't bother )?
The way I do it ( probably the wrong way), is with the use of bevel tool, as is, with poly count being increased at minimum on desired edges or with subdivision involved, but again beveling created edge loops.

Anim8or v1.0 Discussion Forum / Minor bug fixes
« on: February 09, 2020, 04:30:48 am »
If there's any free time available for some bugs, that are maybe easy to fix :

  • "l" hotkey in Point Editor still splits solids. Not needed, since the command exists in Object Editor in the Build menu.
  • Object's folder name can not be changed. If possible, to make it editable.
  • Tool tips in Options menu. Make it activated permanently, remove from the menu (helps to see if a tool will be selected ).
  • Configure - > UI : Hitting Cancel sets the Fast Select Mode in upper tool bar to the different value of what it was before opening the window, always ( from off to on and from on to off )

ASL Scripts / Complete history of scripts posted in ASL forum .
« on: September 30, 2017, 08:34:53 pm »
                                                          Huaha :-X
                                                    Eyes bleeding
So. I've returned to Anim8or after a long time not been around. Lots of changes and as I've mentioned before, I lost the ball here. So I decided that if I want to catch up the whole thing I shall start all over again. From zero, totaly , as I did never before. :P I've searched all new videos, tutorials that were created from the point I kind of moved away a little bit . Lot of new stuff, but not that much. Can't say the same about the development of Anim8or . Huge steps forward. So I thought the only way ( as goes with my way of thinking, behavior in general ) is to go through the whole Anim8or forum !!! Started a little bit on some threads in all forums, but then decided to "clean up " the whole ASL forum for my self ( as known, scripts are the power !!! ) . So I came up with a list of scripts that were posted from The Big Bang the day of birth of the Official Anim8or Forum (the new one) . First goes the name of the topic in which originaly were posted the scripts and finaly the scripts of interest and the nickname of the author of the script. There are a few programs and some tools beside them also, just few. There are also some interesting semi-finished or just some wip scripts,controllers and stuff that never reached ( at least officially ) their release point, and other stuff that certainly may present some interest to those who are interested in scripting, programming e.t.c, but I didn't include them. Here you'll find only the officially released, finished tools , that were ever posted on forum. Starting from the oldest post. 
Jeez, I'm so stupid !( that explains a lot then) How do I "bind" an url to words so the url wont be visible and the words themeselves become blue-ish and clickable ( is that a word  ??? )<--fixed
new - advanced_plane_plugin - available - "Advanced Plane" script by <<vobla>>
new - line_points script - might be available, if you'll help me here - "Snap to point" script by <<Claude>>
Car script for fun - "car" script  by  <<animtime>>
script: 5 vehicles - "fighter","hearse","rallycar1","stealth", "warrior" scripts by <<animtime>>
Diamond parametric shape released - "diamond" script by <<Kubajzz>>
The Utah teapot - "The Utah teapot" script by <<Kubajzz>>Cage Parametric shape - "cage" script by <<Kubajzz>>
Script to Generate Snail Shells - "snailshell" script by <<NickE>>
Script Request : Chain Link Maker - " chain_maker_vls_1", "chain_maker_pm_vls ", " spline_tube_1 " scripts by <<NickE>>
script request-copy along a spline - "mesh2path_2" script by <<NickE>>
Object Script that Generates Scene Controller Scripts - "path to controller" script by <<NickE>>
Script : Copy "Source" mesh to " target " mesh - "mesh2mesh_6_wnfitt_final" script by <<NickE>>
Find Distance Between Two Points Script - "Two_Point_Distance"  script by <<CobraSpectrum>> edited by <<Kubajzz>>
Script Request: untriangulate faces - "untriangulate_mesh_3" script by <<NickE>>
EXPERIMENTAL Mirroring Script - "mirroring script"  by  <<CobraSpectrum>>
Old Magnet Tool - " automagnet" script by <<Francesco>>
Sage ASL collection - "metalics" script by <<sagedavis>>
Magnet Tools Package - "Magnet Tools 08-11-20"  scripts by <<Francesco>>
Please help with the cylinder script! - "dome_5_8","dome_6_8","new-dome_5_8"  scripts by <<NickD>>
Customizable 3D ship hull script (demo included) - "springsharp" script by <<NickD>>
"Ring" parametric shape plugin - "ring" script by <<NickD>>
PointSplit script testing - "PointSplitBeta1" script by <<Claude>>
HELP in Script (tree script) - "05_tree" script by <<Claude>>, edited version of <<neirao's>> "tree script"
Centre hotpoint to centre of mesh script request - "center meshes on axis" script by <<NickE>>
Boolean operations plugin - "BooleanOperations" scripts by <<Kubajzz>>
Universal mirroring plugin - "UniversalMirror" script by <<Kubajzz>>
VRML exporter plug-in - "export_vrml_plugin" script by <<Paulo>>
Copy Faces plugin - "Copy Faces" script by <<Kubajzz>>
Materials Tutorials - finished - "tutorials" (not scripts) by <<Jdez>>
Request for a script - position of camera relevant visibility controller script by <<BOB_I_Ts>>
F8ce primitive - "f8cev7" script by << BOB_I_Ts>>
Controller Scripts: Motion simulation based on Physics' Kinematic Equations - "BouncyBall" an8 file with controller script inside it by <<hf003>>  and "script_rotation_XYZ" an8 file with orientation controller script inside it by <<neirao>>
Ani2svg - "ani2svg" program by <<dwsel>>
collapse points command - "collapse points " script by <<BOB_I_Ts>>
Simple fluid simulation - "ripple_delay" script ,"xzrippletest_2" an8 file by <<NickE>>
setting materials in ASL - "roofs" script by <<freesailor>>
Converting a mesh to script - is this possible? - "Script Export" script by <<NickD>>
PointBevel script testing - "PointBevelBeta1.0" script by <<Claude>>
ALIGN POINTS SCRIPT - Help need - script by <<neirao>> edited by <<NickE>>
Ani2lux 0.1 alpha - "ani2lux 0.1.1a" program by <<dwsel>>
Anim8ing a Tank Tread - "" source with scripts needed on it by <<NickE>>
Kubajzz's toolbox - scripts in the first post by <<Kubajzz>>
F8ce version .8 parametric plugin - "f8cev8" script by <<BOB_I_Ts>>
I'm working on an XSI export script modifying Raxx's BZII X exporter script - scripts by <<lppena>> and <<Raxx>>
RIBRobin Toolkit - "RIBRobin Toolkit v.0.2a" by <<Raxx>>
MorphIt v1.0 - "Morphit v0.1d" program by <<Raxx>>
.STL Export Script - "STL Export" script by <<Raxx>>
Advanced Modeling Tool-Set ( now 31+ last Update: 26.12.2013 ) - "PolytError" scripts by <<polyGon_tError>>
Mesh2A8s Export Script - "Mesh2A8s" script by <<Raxx>>, " 09cr8plugin" by <<Llyr Carter>>
Scripts Request: Edge to point or Faces to point! - "Sel_EdgesorFaces_to_Sel_Points_v01" script by <<NickE>>
LIA - Links In Anim8or - "LIA v1.1" program by <<Raxx>>
XSI Export Script - LIA - "XSI_export_LIA" script by <<Raxx>>
AOBake - "AOBake" script by <<Raxx>>
Involute Gear Script - "Involute_Gears" script by <<NickE>>
Allthread Script - "Allthread" script by <<NickE>>
Advanced Spherize - "Spherize" script by <<Raxx>>
Select Larger/Smaller - "Select Larger Smaller" scripts by <<Raxx>>
ASL Editor [version 3.5 is out!] - "ASL Editor" program by <<Kubajzz>>
Reload Textures plugin - "ReloadTextures" script by <<Kubajzz>>
MDL to an8 converter - "mdl2an8" script by <<Deepthought>>
BVH File Import into Anim8or - "BVH2Anim8or_20150703" program by <<NickE>>
IconCreator for ASL - "IconCreator_v12" program by <<Kubajzz>>
Mesh to Mesh Morphing Hack - "ShrinkWrap_Target","To_Sphere" scripts by <<NickE>> and two files in the last post by <<B_twist>>
Icon Maker - Excel version - "Icon_maker" program by <<B_twist>>
SCRIPT REQUEST! - 2D cell shading (AUTO GENERATOR) - "CelShadurr v0.3" script by <<Raxx>>
Animated Textures Using Controller Scripts - "Animated Textures with Controller Scripts - Resource" files by <<Raxx>>
Find tri's, quads etc in model - "mark_quads_1" script by <<NickE>>
Marching Cubes - Mesh of the Surface from a Collection of Points - "MarchingCubes_v0.4" script by <<NickE>>
Spiral shapes: cave, cone - "S_Tunnel","Spiral_0 V2","Spiral_Ec" scripts by <<B_twist>>
Metric Screws and Nuts Script - "Metric_Screws" script by <<NickE>>
PHUR v1.4 - "PHUR v1.4" script by <<Raxx>>
f8ce v0.9 plugin - "f8ce9tester" script by <<BOB_I_Ts>>
Boolean operation problem! - "0000_booleanoperations_7c_nf_opt" script by <<NickE>>
UVTools Preview - "UVTools v1.1" scripts by <<Raxx>>
Multicore Movie Rendering - "MulRend" program by <<dancingshoes>>
Animated Textures Using Controller Scripts - "ANI_Setup" program by <<dancingshoes>>
How create New Material with 'TWO SIDED' value by ASL ?? -  "test_material_properties_1" script by <<Steve>> and "CelShadurr v0.4" script (modification of "CelShadurr v0.3" script by <<Raxx>>) by <<neirao>>
New Write Image Functions - "render_test" sample script by <<Steve>>
Fast 3D Export (Beta) 0625 - "F3d_export" script with a test file by <<Trevor>>
Nifty tool - "easy8" program by <<Kevin Gales>>
I have written a script to simulate waves - "animated_waves" script by <<2020 Hindsight>>
A new version of my water simulator script with more features! - "Combo waves" script by <<2020 Hindsight>>
Animated Parameteric Plug-in Scripts - some example scripts by <<Steve>> and <<2020 Hindsight>>

                                                              There's no hope! I'm gonna nail it !!!  8)

Just some bugs ( tiny  :D) as I remember were there from the 0.97d version ( wich was the first I used and the most here used for a long time). The first is about the copy past command of an item no matter is a mesh or parametric or whatever. I don't know actualy it's a bug or on intence, but when you copy a mesh and past it second time on a row ( the first is ok as it should be, on the exact position as the original ) its new location is kind of higher on y axis and farther on the +x axis. If you keep past it the new copies keep going higher. Maybe I do it wrong way, but when I copy past things usually I want to move them on an axis which meens I want them to automaticaly past on the same location with the original one.

Another one is the world coordinates moving command isuue where the Y axis and the Z axis are reversed. Which means in world coordinates with the left mouse button the object should be moved up and down while with the right mouse button front and back. But the opposite happens: LMB for Z axis RMB for Y axis, which is incorrect. The rotation in world coordinates works right though.Only the "move" command.

And the last one is the object coordinates which do the same thing as the world coordinates, no matter how the axis/pivot of the object is rotated. If the pivot is rotated some amount in pivot axis editor shouldnt in object coordinates the object moving in direction of its edited axis and not as if theworld coordinates were selected?

General Anim8or Forum / Anim8or Community Project !!!
« on: September 14, 2011, 03:07:47 pm »
As you may noticed, Steve visits forum pretty much often ( despite the fact he doesn't write something ).
So I think we must stop these useless and stupid discussions about future , "death" or "life"
and just ... get serious.
The reason that other 3d applications reached at very high level is ... the community. And of course the best example is that, of the Blender community ! So many ( thousands , millions ??? ) developers, users, funs  :). Of course you may say : " we don't have many developers, we have only one - Steve!"  Yes, that's true ! So, in that case who is left ? We are - the Anim8or community !!!

Unfortunately, we are a lazy ( but very very... ) community ! Yes, there are some guys who have offered a lot ( scripts, outstanding renders, works ) , but even they would agree that it's not enough at all ! And hope that I don't sound like a kind of smart@$$ ! All I want to say, is that we must ... "switch the engine to turbo mode"  :). All the time we ask about an update, but still we haven't discovered fully the Anim8or !!! And so what ? Steve will come up with a super duper update , but we still make "cubes and tubes" here !   :-\  

What I want to suggest, is to create some new topics (General Anim8or forum ) which a moderator ( or admin or whatever, sorry I am not familiar with that stuff  ;D ) will stick up, so they ( topics, not moderators  :D )  will be something like Guide or  F.A.Q. We still will discuss everything by creating new topics in the general forum, BUT the conclusions and the answers on different questions will be added to these sticky topics ( no comments in those topics will be allowed ).

First of all, there must be a topic ( Steve's private topic  ;D ) which will contain something like a wishlist . We will discuss all the "really" important features that should be implemented and again moderators will put them into related topic ( "Wishlist topic" ??? ). It would be a " nice and clean " topic, which Steve will check out every time he will visit us  ;D. Only very important features will be contained after a long discussion. No things like " these I saw in those applications" ! Only something, that would be relative to Anim8or's "needs" ( improving or implementing something totally new ) . So Steve will know what exactly to work on.  :) Although, of course, he will decide what of all that he can, even want, to implement !

But of course, to be able to decide what else we need, we must first know what we already have !!! That's why we should create some more new topics. And those particularly are :

  • Modeling topic
  • Animation topic
  • Rendering/lighting topic
The modeling topic will contain information about modeling in Anim8or. How things can be done, when, where and such. There are some answers here on different questions, but lots of them are like "you can try this application, you can try this general tutorial but not related to Anim8or" ! So no, we will discuss only particular things about modeling in Anim8or ( only ) particularly ! That's why this forum (site) is for!!! Right ?  

In the comments. Everything about animation inside (!!!) Anim8or.

And the comments again :D. Everything about lights and renders. Not anything like "try this renderer" and "export in that cool program" ! You can use any program you wish when you having fun  :), but here please...only Anim8or stuff  8) !

Those topics will contain any single possibility of any single stroke of Anim8or's code ! Total newbies would still be able to ask very basic questions, as they can do it now by creating a new topic, though. So, forum won't be so kinda messy and we'll have some great progress last !

P.S.: Yeap, I like smiles  :D

                                             So, what you think guys ... can we turn the engine on ?   ;D

ASL Scripts / About scripts
« on: January 30, 2011, 05:11:39 pm »
Ok, all these about give up Anim8or scare me, so I think it would be good, if I could learn writing scripts :P. And the question is : can I learn ASL without previous knowledge of any other programming language. I mean only by reading those that are on the site page and by other script examples ? From zero to hero, you know  :D


General Anim8or Forum / Clouds
« on: October 22, 2010, 03:37:22 pm »
So, how to create them? I know there is Terranim8or, but the techniqe it uses is based on the fog which work only with scanline renderer and not the ART. The closest I could get to the desired result is a very huge plain and Anim8or crashs when it come to render. And I mean the cloudy field, like those we can see from an airplane when looking down.

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / Questions
« on: September 22, 2010, 03:59:18 am »
About the v.0.97d. When I have 2 or 3 view ( work spaces ) I can't change one of them to different view because it turns into one view to which I wanted to change. For example, if I have 2 work spaces, front and left and I want to change the left to ortho, when I'll click in the left view to change to ortho it will turn into one view ortho. The same if I have 3 work spaces. There is no problem with 4 and 1+3 view modes and since this function was added in this version I don't know if it's a bug or just a problem with my system ( I run Vista ). So I just have to switch to 4 view, select the 2 work spaces I want and then to switch to 2 view mode.
And another one. About object coordinates ( the mode ). There are three types : world coordinates, object coordinates and the screen coordinates. There is no problem with the first and the third, but with the object coordinates it seems to be. If I'll rotate the object axis in the Object\Axis mode and will try to move the object with the object coordinates enabled for example along the y axis with the x axis disabled, the object will move just the way it does when the world coordinates are enabled.
One more. About the world coordinates. Generally, the left mouse button controls the x\y axis in the Object mode and the right button, the z axis. But with world coordinates enabled the right button controls the y axis and the left the z axis ( up-down movement ). Again, is that a bug or it'is my computer's problem?
And the last one. ;D Not a big deal, but just want to figure it out. In the View editor the rotate button doesn't do anything, does it?

General Anim8or Forum / About spam
« on: September 14, 2010, 03:53:11 pm »
I have noticed that a lot of new users are or spambots or just "sick" people :D. And you can figuer it out by just looking at their profile : there is always a link to a site ( products e.t., no a CG site ). So, i think it whould be better, ofcourse if it can be done, when new users register not to allow them to add a link in their profile. Then, after they will be some time on forum , they can add if they want ( site like animanon ) ???

General Anim8or Forum / General
« on: August 11, 2010, 01:09:54 pm »
Some general questions about modeling/rendering. So, when one object is high poly, Anim8or get slow, especially when using arc rotate tool. I know all this about the poly count, but does it meens that the same result we will have in others programs, like 3dsmax, Maya e.t.c? I meen if we will take the same comlex object which we created in Anim8or and import it in these others programs, it will continue not to respond well? That what I try to figure out is if the response of program depends also of the code, the same program I meen?

And one very general request: to create a topic which will contain tips and techniques about modeling/rendering, somthing like a library, very well edited.( like the topic with the scripts)

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Gyperboloid's Lab
« on: May 26, 2010, 10:49:03 am »
Hello Anim8or world !!! I'm using Anim8or for about a month now and i'm still in the object mode. But i'm actually able to render a simple scene, so...

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