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ASL Scripts / help please D:
« on: July 01, 2009, 06:29:54 pm »
hey guys, I've been trying to learn ASL, and after reading some examples I wanted to take practice, so I tried to recreate Tyson Collins cone script, using the same method (I think xD!), but the script button isn't even showing in anim8or xd, and I have no idea about where the problem might be D:! I hope someone can explain me the problem xP, so here it is:

/*script para formar un cono*/

#plugin("object", "mesh", "cono");
#parameter("altura", float, 6.0, 0.1, 500.0, scale, scale_y);
#parameter("radio", float, 6.0, 1.0, 500.0, scale);
#parameter("lados", int, 12, 6, 60);
#button(31, 31, 2,
0x0000000000, 0x0000000000, 0x0000000000, 0x0000000000,
0x0000600000, 0x0037a00000, 0x001c200000, 0x0019200000,
0x0026400e00, 0x0002403200, 0x0001806200, 0x000181c200,
0x0003810200, 0x00024e0200, 0x0002300200, 0x0003e80200,
0x0000042200, 0x0000020200, 0x0000010400, 0x000000c800,
0x0000006800, 0x0000001800, 0x0000001800, 0x0000002610,
0x0000004390, 0x00000040e0, 0x00000088f0, 0x0000008118,
0x000000fe0f, 0x0000000000, 0x0000000000);

shape $cono;
int $k;
float $i, $j, $z;
point3 $p;

$z = parameter("altura");
$i = parameter("radio");
$k = parameter("lados");
int $pos[$k];
$j = 360/$k;
$k = 0;
$h = 1;

$p.x = 0;
$p.y = $z;
$p.z = 0;

   $p.x = $i*cos($k);
   $p.y = 0;
   $p.z = $i*sin($k);
   $k = $k + $j;
   $h = $h + 1;

   $h = $h - 1;


I hope the problem isn't something INCREDIBLY newbie x__D!
my condolences if that is the case. ::)

and thanks in advance!

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