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General Anim8or Forum / Come on Steven, Update Anim8or plz... :(
« on: September 02, 2012, 03:23:34 am »
Hello, i don't know how to start, actually i tried a couple of 3d software package, AC3D, Blender, Deled3D, but nothing seem
good like Anim8or for creating lifeforms creature, the only obstacle that pushing me away is how unstable anim8or with vista, now with my new windows 7,
it's been always crashed, the selecting rectangle have strip buggy look, that made it like it's outdated software, this very sad actually, i always hope anim8or will
get strong update to fix compatibly issues with windows os, i still believe even nowday, i tried to learn the other softwares, but nothing come with simple interface like anim8or has, but come on, from 2007 till 2012 and windows 8 coming soon, and still anim8or not even worked good with vista/7  :-\ ? why that long delay ?

I'm not asking for new features, or a function to make the next toy story with ease, all i ask a good stable update that fix anim8or bugs to work like normal for vista , windows7 or 8, that's all I'm begging for, i been quite for full year actually with hope anim8or will get an update soon in 2012.

i hate to download virtual emulator or to play with my computer registry just to make it work, and still the strip rectangle select look odd..

if anim8or is declined, why not making it an open source, perhaps community can regular fix the issues with compatibly problems..
to be honest, i don't mind to donate or even to suggest for Steven to make anim8or a commercial software, it's great 3d software for many indies, im sure not
only me who like anim8or and wish it's get update, perhaps making a kickstarter if the money  might help to refresh and improve anim8or again  :'(.

sorry for my bad English, who agree with me ? ???

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