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i think it help, i learned C Language and i can do what ever i want with ASL (mostly).
if you know Action Script (flash), lingo (directory), python (blender, maya, & other)
C++, pascal, java or even Java Script it will be helpfull too.
but there is few thing that may not work with it:
1. ASL have no support for function, module, procedure, recursion, iteration
2. ASL have no support for user input, interface access (have but limited)
2. ASL work top-down order way, no support for 'goto' like looping control
4. ASL have 'for', 'if', 'while' support but check their usage in the manual
5. ASL can't take all Array data in a single statement, from linear list/Data-Set like C
6. you must use '$' sign (like PHP) with all veriable and other if needed
7. ASL support complex, compound argument, parameter to default function
8. ASL have no support for 2d, 3d Array, Datalist and 'evalute' like function
9. you can't use compound assignment like k+=1 or k++, use k=k+1 for it

read this forum to know more

ASL Scripts / Re: Advanced Modeling Tool-Set ( now 21+ Updated )
« on: May 15, 2013, 10:34:23 am »
to Raxx and other user who used them:
most of the tool's now support Multi-Mesh, Multi-Point operation so please download them all again ( i ziped them).
Raxx if you have time please update the database, as the Database is growing i think it will be better to catagorize them. see this post:

check the Grille-Form tool, i think few user will love to build 'Eiffel Tower' with it,
and other as well.

i posted some image here to show some of their usage :

General Anim8or Forum / Re: How do I round corners?
« on: May 11, 2013, 03:51:14 am »
try the tool named "Point Bevel" ( to do read the usage carefully ).
this tool can work on Face as well ( i think Rectangle mean Face as Anim8or is 3D ).
if you are talking about 'Vertex-Chamfer' it is not present in Anim8or (before v98)!
you may also try other tool to do it without Subdivision use.
( see the image & you can find the Script here :
"Advanced Modeling Tool-Set" )
also search the Forum Claude made a Point Bevel Script as well and new version of Anim8or (v98) have it. i think it will be helpful to you.

ASL Scripts / Re: New Script tool's and missing possibilities!
« on: April 30, 2013, 03:11:24 am »
thank you 'johnar'.
Ans to you:
1: the edge-loop-to-polygon use vertex-order-finding logic, that is why extra edge can't work with it ( it can but require recursive function, not possible in ASL; well there is another way let me try it )
2: PolyGon fliped because it is hard some time to determine winding way (CCW or CW esp. of N-Gon.), but that tool use triangle, i will fix it.

i updated and fixed most so please download again. esp. Grille-Form updated check it.
now work with any polyMesh Structure. also check Grille-Form_Ex it is auto, have 3 mode.

English is not my native language. (my language is Bangla). i explained the way i use them.
so if you can do it, it will be helpfull to all other user.

i failed to understand the meaning of ";)" so sorry Raxx to say that :-), thank you to post me.

Advanced Modeling Tool-Set by polyGon-tError, 2013.

I have ported few Poly-Mesh Editing, Low-Poly, Topology and Surface tool/function from 3ds Max and Maya.
this are For Anim8or V.97d may not work with early version. most of them for those who know where to use them.
so use with care, save often, do not blame me if any thing go wrong. and sorry for my poor english.
i will later put few example of their use untill be happy to know and experiment with them.

Warning: remember some of them is capable of creating -
 * Invalid polyGon ( with Vertex not co-planer or jumbled ) or Critical polyGon ( with Edge sharing more then 2 Face! )
   or Concave polyGon ( with Face shape curved in-word ), they don't check for them so be carefull.
 * those tool do not define Texture Co-Ordinate so use Texture-UV tool on selected polyGon to make it.
 * some may not work correctly ( also some tool's of Anim8or as well ) on Object having Critical polyGon.
 * you may need to use Fix-Normal ( on working mesh ) and Flip-Normal ( "N" ) on some polyGon that will be
   created by this tool's.

1. Edge-Loop-to-PolyGon ( BuildPolygon.a8s ) :
 * Select an Edge-Loop ( any valid or even invalid! ) and this will create a polyGon by them.
 * for Triangle Face simply select any three Vertex, one Vertex and an Edge or two Edge sharing a Vertex.
 * this tool can build where the usual Fill-Hole command will fail! so for advanced user only.
 * use Add-Edge ( and Cut-Face in combo ) to make Edge-Loop where it is difficult to have one.
idea : built to help in building fake Volume Effect ( used by LowPoly game, Cartoon's ), to do use it inside
   Mesh-Wire-Frame with transparent ( with Emission ) Material. also to work with Critical PolyMesh.

2. Peak-to-PolyGon or AntiPeak ( AntiPeak.a8s ) :
 * Select some Peak-Vertex or similler to Peak ( Vertex with connected Edge-Loop around it ) structure.
 * this will replace them with a polyGon.
warning: never try upon Vertex group/set sharing same Edge or the Mesh will be Mal-formed!
idea : some time there left nothing to do after use of Peak-Face tool, use it to reverse that condition.

3. Edge-to-PolyGon-Border & Edge-to-PolyGon-Border-Extended Selection ( EdgeBorder.a8s & ..._Ex.a8s ) :
 * Select some Point or Edge in a single Mesh and run the script.
 * you may also select Face then press "t" to use it's Edge then apply this script via them.
idea : use Loop-cut to have selected area separeted. or Del to Delit Vertex inside the boundary safely.
    the 'Extended' one can find 2nd, 3rd Border of Edge use it to create Ripple ( via move & Morph ) on Surface.
4. Point-to-Edge-Ring Selection ( Selective ) ( EdgeRing.a8s ) :
 * Select some Point or Edge in a single Mesh and run the script.
 * you may also select Face then press "t" to use it's Edge then apply this script via them.
idea : use Connect-Edge to have Out-Set ( like that In-Set do ), using this mathod you can Out-Set Edge and Vertex!
   also run again to have 2nd Edge-Ring, and other pair Edge-Ring.

5. Point-Remove or Point-Full-Bevel ( PointRemove.a8s ) :
 * Select some Vertex ( esp. select a corner Vertex or Surface one ) and this will remove them with a polyGon.
 * it also adjust surrounding if needed ( simple way ).
warning: never try upon Vertex group/set sharing same Edge or the Mesh will be Mal-formed!
idea : use it to make Low-Poly version of your PolyMesh.

6. Point-Edge-to-PolyGon-Selection ( PointFace.a8s ) :
 * select some Point or Edge this tool will find polyGon by them.
idea : use it where selection of many Face is needed or is tough to do, use Alt+RightClick to deselect not needed.

7. PolyGon-to-Point or Close-PolyGon ( CloseFace.a8s ) :
 * Select one polyGon in a Mesh it will replace it by a Vertex at the center.
 * it Re-Triangulate the surrounding then ( to Center-Vertex ).
warning: do not try upon huge/big ( by area ) polyGon or the Mesh will be Mal-formed!
idea : use it to make LowPoly version of your PolyMesh. use 'SmoothSurface' after use if needed.
8. ConCave-PolyGon-Fix ( ConcaveFix.a8s ) :
 * this tool fix a ConCave-polyGon gradualy.
 * it work best with > 4 sided and little reguler shaped one.
Warning: may not work well on Invalid polyGon ( esp. if very badly formed but some time it can fix them also! ).
idea : for best result run few more time if it is correcting worthfully. it can fix polyGon created by Merge-Face's.

9. Seam-Line or Surface-Fold Stabilize ( StabilizeSeam.a8s ) :
 * Select a continuing Edge-Line ( Open or Close but Single only ), it can Smooth rough Edge-Line.
idea : use this tool to fix Curvature of a Surface Line ( PolyMesh ) or for Surface Curving. can be used in Morphing.
    use "q" ( this work best with Quad or even-sided polyGon formed Mesh. ) to select Edge-Line by an Edge.
10. PolyGon-Edge-Border Selection ( FaceBorder.a8s ) :
 * Select few polyGon in a Mesh and run the script it will then select Edge-Boundary by those polyGon.
idea : use this tool to get supported with Loop-Cut worthfully.

11. Round-polyGon ( RoundFace.a8s ) :
 * select few Face this tool make them round by Subdividing the corner.
 * it keep created polyGon Edge seperated ( for Back-up purpose ). this tool is for working on Flat Surface.
Warning: never try upon ConCave Face, or use ConCave-Fix then use it.
idea : run it on any Face, apply Extrude then, or In-Set then Extrude you will get round sided Extrude.
    built to make Column, Pillar, Pole, Bar, Post like Structure quickly many at a time on a planner Surface.

12. Smooth Surface Area ( SmoothSurface.a8s ) :
 * Select few polyGon ( connected or single ) in a mesh and run it. work well on High-Poly Mesh.
idea : use this tool to fix Curvature of a Surface ( PolyMesh ) or for Surface Curving. can be used in Morphing.
    use PointFace & EdgeFace to get support with it.
13. PolyGon-by-Edge Selection ( EdgeFace.a8s ) :
 * Select some Edge in a mesh and it will select all polyGon by those Edge.
idea :  if required to find PolyGon by Edge only use this instead of PointFace.

14. Grille-Form or Lattice-Form or Cage-Form and Grille-Form Extended ( FormGrille.a8s and FormGrille_Ex.a8s ) :
 * select any polyMesh & run to build 3D Cage-Form or Lattice-Form. now rotate the object in Scene-View as wished.
 * use Attribute 'b' for Box give a value to change Box width. use 'dv' for Division at side way ( int type ).
 * use Attribute 'd' for Sylinder Width, use Attribute 'ds' for Sphere Radious. Object's parameter can be changed.
 * create a Empty / New Mesh use 'Shift+Add-Edge', 'Add-Edge' to draw the Grille/Lattice ( 2D or 3D ) Form.
 * the extended use 'a' for auto width by length of edge, 'm' for Avg. width by length of edge, 'l' for  width by min. length
    of edge, 'ds' if 0 no sphere else multiply Radious in relation to Avg. edge length. give value to other to multiply them.
Warning: if needed do not run over it again. instead select base Mesh, Invert-Select ( i ) delit, then run on base Mesh.
idea : use it for Moleculer Structural Model. or to build any Rod or Stick or Frame build Structure model.
    can be used to quick build Base-Form ( simplified, using Box/Sylinder/Sphere ) for Skeleton test, building Robot!
    Object's used are default Object double click to change them. use Wire-Frame mode for Grille build.
    delet selected Object after build, select all apply Join-Solid to get polyMesh Lattice-Form ( joint seperated ).
    for best use group all the part (as single or seperated ) after modify them ( if needed ). try making tree with the Extended!

15. Clone-Arrange-Over-Surface ( CloneOver.a8s ) :
 * model a base Mesh then model the target Mesh, select Face, Vertex ,Edge on base Mesh to not to copy over it.
 * name the base Mesh as "obj1", name the target Mesh ( to be copied ) as "copy".
 * copy can be done 3 way. to copy on Vertex add an Attribute to base Mesh named "v".
 * to Edge-Middle name it "e", to Face-Center name it "f". copy will follow base Mesh Orientation ( World ). use "a" to rotate using center (+/- value for in/out way).
idea : built to distribute Object over Land, Surface & to make Effect ( using Material ). to clone over few Face, Vertex, Edge Select them then press 'i' now apply it.
16. Point-Bevel (0.4) or Vertex-Chamfer ( PointBevel.a8s ) :
 * Select any Vertex (esp. select a corner Vertex or Surface one) and this will Chamfer it by 0.4 Length of Edge's.
 * warning: never try upon Vertex group/set sharing same Edge or the Mesh will be Mal-formed!
idea :  using it you can Bevel corner with out Beveling Edge ( Angled Side of Surface or Fold ).
17. Split-Vertex ( SplitPoint.a8s ) :
 * Select any Vertex ( esp. select a corner Vertex or Surface one ) and this will Split it by each Edge shared.
 * warning: never try upon Vertex group/set sharing same Edge or the Mesh will be Mal-formed!
idea : this can be use to make Crack-Shatter like looking. also for Re-Meshing/Modeling. have Texture support.
18. Smooth-Surface-Point ( SmoothPoint.a8s ) :
 * Select few Point ( or Edge having Point's ) in a Mesh and run over them. it also select surround to apply Progressively.
 * this make Surface Point Smooth and Curved to Surface. work well even on Low-Poly.
idea : it work on individual Point unlike StabilizeSeam ( only selected Edge-Line ), SmoothSurface ( only Surface-Area ).
19. Move-to-Surface-Vertex-Face ( SnapObject.a8s ) :
 * Select Vertex and/or Face on a Poly-Mesh, other Object ( anything, not selected ) will be Snaped to them.
 * Snaped one will follow base Mesh Orientation ( world ). can work with single to any Object count.
idea :  though Object used at random unlike 'CloneOver' it can use any Object and will be placed serialy.
    to Clone just copy number of time of selection. use it to place object over face apply Join-Solid, Merge-Vertex,
    like other tool's to build Complex model! or for Brick-Build like model creation.
20. Swap-two-Object ( SwapObject.a8s ) :
 * Select two Object ( Pair or any two Object ) it will Swap Location, Orientation of them.
idea : built to work as helper to 'SnapObject'. but can be used as modeling support.

21. Close-Edge or Merge-Point ( CloseEdge.a8s ) :
 * Select some Point or Edge they will be Merged by Average at a vertex.
Warning: if you select wrong way the result will be invalid so select close group of Vertex / Edge or Related one.
idea : the default ( Anim8or ) use any of the selected point and require to fine-tune every time but it is Auto!. it can turn Edge, Group of Edge / Vertex to single Vertex / Point ( to do select Single or Related Group ). use it to make LowPoly and / or Optimized version of your PolyMesh. also to do Re-Meshing, have Texture support.

22. Hole-Edge-Select ( HoleEdge.a8s ) :
 * run to select Hole-Edge or Single polyGon Edge.
idea : use it to get supported with Fill-Hole and to select any Single-Face-Edge or Open-Edge-Border.

23. Rhombic Form ( RhombicForm.a8s ) :
 * Select a mesh (esp. Quad build) it will turn into a Rhombos-Build-Object!.
warning : it modify selected mesh so keep back-up if needed.
idea : built for making effect also run over again to get Glitter like build.

24. ReWind-polyGon ( ReWindPolyGon.a8s ) :
 * this tool ReWind one or more polyGon while preserving the texture and material.
idea : use it to fix polyGon badly formed by bevel tool esp. when it is used at the side of a Mesh. also it can fix some polyGon formed badly by Merge-Face tool.

25. Alternate-Face Selection and Extended ( AlterFace.a8s and AlterFace_Ex.a8s) :
 * Select a face in one mesh and run to get all the alternate face selected, work best with regular, patterned Mesh (like 'Sphere').
 * for Extended Select the Area (more then 3 Face). it will find Alternative in them, use Attribute 'd' value '2' for Odd Face Selection, Negative value invert the selection.

26. Edge-Merge ( EdgeMerge.a8s ) :
 * Select two edge in a Mesh to Merge them. this tool have texture, material support.
27. Group-Slide ( GroupSlide.a8s ) :
 * Select some Vertex/Point now run it, Slide any among them the other will move with it. Selecting anything outside stop the Script. if you can't Stop it that way simply Double Click any Vertex/Point out side the Group will stop it. it have full UnDo support and autoUpdated result.

28. Face Pattern Selection ( FacePattern.a8s ) :
 * Select face in Regular formed mesh in pattern. use attribute 'd' to set value of interval. select more then 2 Face to use local selection. a single to use over all. negative value invert selection. this is simplified version, later i will post full version of it. use Attribute 't' with value > 2 for Tri, Quad or nGon Selection (all at once).
idea : use it to find if your Model have Triangle Face, that cause problem when Animating Model with Bone.

29. Snap Point to Average Center ( SnapAvg.a8s ) :
 * Snap Selected Point to an Average Center.
idea: use it as Merge tool helper.

30. Merge Help/Fix ( MergeFix.a8s ) :
 * it help to snap point for better 'Merge' support. to use it disable 'Back' Button, select a Point (press a) you wish to snap with, now run it. select any other, they will be Snapping with First one. to stop use Group select (press d) to select Snapped. apply Merge Point (press L), no setting change will be needed just press 'Enter'.

 ... other script ( about 4 of them ) require to fix them before i place here. i will also give you few complex script later.
 if you have some script not listed in the database ( even old, simple, fail some time, not working, specific use, or some new idea ) you can share with me :-).
I will continue updating them ( if needed ) so please check often. to download and to see the sample image you
may require to Log-In.

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