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I have long been inactive here for numerous reasons, some of which are incredibly personal and have taken up a lot of thinking time.
Some of the members might know me as the bus- and train guy, and the models are still around.
The end of May this year marked a turning point for me when it came to my voluntary job (which I quit doing) and ever since it seems I have been able to clear my head just enough to seriously start modelling again.
This time I also managed to get the hang of Blender, and I'm not sure if I will be posting a lot in the recent future, because I have also abandoned Anim8or when it comes to modelling (which I previously used to use for the modelling part and Blender for the rendering part), but since this is one of my oldest models (I started making it in 2004!) I decided to have some fun with it and try an animation with Blender, with the model coming out of Anim8or, with sound effects added in post production (and some of the sound effects are incredibly old as well, going back as far as 2006!).

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Happy Holidays!
« on: December 28, 2014, 10:41:27 am »
Late reply, but, nice lighting job, or was this done in PhotoShop?

By the way $imon, my name is Emittor now, but I used to be Gamemaster-something (I think I added some numbers at the end) on this forum, you happen to still remember me?  (I started modelling the Dutch double decker trains once.)

Finished Works and Works in Progress / My DuveDec bus
« on: August 04, 2010, 06:49:40 am »
I've been active on the old Anim8or forum (.com) for a while where I was called GameMaster120 or something (not sure why I choose that name, but ok.)
After that forum I found where I spent a reasonable time posting stuff with great joy, untill it got hacked and went downwards from that moment on.

When it turned animanon I did register, but have basically never came back there.

Next to that I'm Dutch3DMaster on CG-Nation, but not a frequent visitor.

I've been working on this project ever since 2005, just after these particular buses were replaced because the transport area was sold to another bus transport company.
I got my own digital camera in 2005, but I never used it to document all the important stuff of these buses, so I had to guess sizes and distances.

The first model was quickly finished (the only thing that was unfinished was the cabin where the driver sits, there was no dashboard or seat or what-so-ever) but turned out to be full of incorrect sizes.
The model was so small that someone with my length (I'm 167 cm's tall) would've hit it's head to the ceiling and since I could just stand straight under the luggage net there was definately something wrong.

So far there have been lots of things improved, I have finished the inside so there is basically no way you can look through the outside shell (this was possible in Studio Max because the backside of a face is see-through).

I made use of the raytrace renderer in the preview version of Anim8or to make the mirrors on the bus actually behave like mirrors:[/youtube]]http://www.

I used the raytracing render once more for an animation of the front doors opening.
There have been different types of buses using different types of front doors, this is the most recent one, the outwars rotating doors have been replaced in a lot of buses after a driver got killed when he got stuck between the swing-arm type of doors.[/youtube]]http://www.

For the moment this is everything I have online, I will try to find a way to upload all the stuff I have and post it here, for now, enjoy :).

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