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General Anim8or Forum / Re: merge points
« on: December 16, 2013, 01:58:43 pm »
you may use 'SnapAvg', it Snap all selected point at the Center of them (average).
if you need them that way, can be found here:
Advanced Modeling Tool-Set:,4616.0.html

*if your need is to snap to a definite point ask, then i will post a interactive tool with that function.
Claude: do you made any update to 'Snap2Point'? if, please post it then. i will not post if you have done it.

ASL Scripts / Re: Script Request Thread
« on: December 16, 2013, 01:06:03 pm »
Hi every one, i am online again! happy new year to all of you...

to captaindrewi: well try Pattern-Face, it work locally but your Mesh should be regular in formation to work worthy, if i get some time i will do exactly what you wanted. i attached an image of a Model created using that Tool and 'EdgeRing' no Texture, no Face Selection by hand, only few Material and a Cylinder!

to rellik420: i am agreed with Raxx, MultiPoint-Slide not possible but Group-Sliding possible go to my post (here:,4616.0.html) take my PolyMesh Modeling tool set, search for GroupSlide it is interactive. see instruction to use it, thank you.

thank you lppena ,but remember to follow the instruction, to not to be unhappy :).

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / Re: Feature Request Thread
« on: May 31, 2013, 03:14:11 pm »
thank you Raxx,
to make you clear about Spin-tool related request, i need some time because i am already on my way to implement this and made a simple tool called ReWind-polyGon tool with the same function.
thank you again to say that the dependency will not be there.
Raxx, i am giving +1 to any ASL related request for Command and Scene Scripting.

i have few more request:
* vertex-color paint like we do with bone-weight-brush.
* sculpt push/pull of vertex instead of the Move-Vertex-Along-Normal will be more worthy.
   ( also the same way like bone-weight-brush. )
* HDRI image output of ART-RayTracer.
* AVI and/or GIF animated image as map/texture.
* post-processing of render output by ASL ( it will be slow but possible ).
* attachable plugin system for anim8or, will be working by c++.
* easy access to Script collection, in it we press a key and select one from a list of script on screen.

i also wished getting user input by ASL in command script, this make it possible to build big complex script.

i am putting all as request for ASL from my this post ( about ASL ).
   ( it is up to you Raxx which will be here in this post. )
"Learning ASL: want to contribute? thing's might be helpfull to know about" :
   ( "" )

i am giving +/-1 (again up to you to decide) for *'$imon' "Bridge-Edges" request:
1. Bridge Edges between two edge simply give us something like ribbon.
   correct request will be between two edge-line or edge-loop.
2. i have already posted the edge-merge tool with texture, material support.
   "Advanced Modeling Tool-Set ( now 24+ last Update: 28.05.2013 )" :
   ( "" )
*$imon please don't mind, if you need that tool try this one then ask me. i will post what you wished also if any body ask for it ( at least give me a "PM" ), you are not required to wait for it. see the attached image.

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / Re: Feature Request Thread
« on: May 28, 2013, 01:42:19 pm »
hi Raxx and every one, it is great that anim8or if finaly being updated.
though we already have few of it's capability from our coder by ASL, i have few wish and thought for it :

* the spin tool is good but it will be better if we can alter/redefine polygon inner triangle formation by vertex.
* undo option for ASL command script at least a back-up of last working shape/Mesh will be worthy.
* a simple texture mapper (simple window with image in back and selected face can be mapped there).
* position, rotation and scale helper will be great and worthy.
* non uniform scale and rotate face tool worked badly before(some time or mostly).
* group of vertex rotated by its average center will be worthy, moving face by vertex as well.
* selection group set (V/E/F) can be more helpful in modeling.
* user input for ASL at least yes/no, value input, slider value input will be great, accessing user interface data as well.

* anim8or was mostly compatible and portable before this release :
  i can run v97d in win98, 2000, xp, windows-live, 2003, from card/flash drive using 200mb xp installation in it.
  the dll dependency made v97e non-portable/compatible, as it require to install it before running. as far as i know simply putting the dll on the same folder usualy don't work.
  i have Celleron D processor, 256mb DDR1 RAM, VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP Graphics support, privious worked well with it. i tested v97d in Pentium 3, 4, with older system as well, it also work using wine in Linux.

i am too poor to update my PC for win7/win8, sad to know anim8or is being updated for them, being less portable/compatible :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

General Anim8or Forum / Re: How do I round corners?
« on: May 28, 2013, 01:26:31 pm »
try this as well - see the attached image.
it will be better to know what kind of phone you are modeling, name it/give the model number/attach a picture/(or a render output if you don't wish to show us your file) at least/a web link; so that we may know what you wish to do and can help you worthfully.

ASL Scripts / Re: Script Request Thread
« on: May 28, 2013, 12:33:17 pm »
captaindrewi - check my post.
Advanced Modeling Tool-Set:""

you will find a tool named "AlterFace" to use it select a face and run it.
it work for face. vertex, edge are little more difficult because not every Mesh have regular, patterned formation. but if you need it badly give me a "PM",  i will try my best then.
thank you to ask for the tool.

ASL Scripts / Re: Script Request Thread
« on: May 25, 2013, 08:39:38 am »
well it is possible, esp. if the mesh formation is regular and vertex are ordered. but i think i can help you, wait a little more (you will know).

ASL Scripts / Re: Script Request Thread
« on: May 19, 2013, 07:52:53 am »
hi Raxx and every other ASL Coder, i have few request for you:
1. i have made Form-Grille, Form-Grille_Ex Script that can make lattice like form using any mesh.
req. can anybody make true lattice form script (with joint not separated).
2. one of our coder made loft Script (Llyr Carter) that can also loft between two mesh (in correct
some time or mostly though)  ""
req. can anybody make blob-mesh Script that use Geo-sphere and a tension parameter.
3. we have subdivision (Anim8or), unsubdivide (some time it don't work though. esp. if the mesh
    is modified after subdivision), triangulate, untriangulate Script.
req. can anybody make dynamic-tessellation script which subdivide and unsubdivide surface area
    depending on it's curvature and mesh density (like Z-brush do, but simple way).

if no body ans. it, i will try them after 2013! hope to know from you all.

ASL Scripts / Re: ASL Tutorial List
« on: May 19, 2013, 07:19:21 am »
if anybody have previous programing experience with any programing language like C or java this information might be helpfull to them:


Missing modeling possiblities & solution by polyGon-tError, 2013.

if you are looking for some modeling  tool / function that are present in all populer 3d software freely available today like blender, ppmodeler ( now Albatross 3d ) and in commercial one like 3ds Max and Maya, have a look at this forum.
    Advanced Modeling Tool-Set : ""

here you will find them or their alternative tool's / function. all by ASL ( Steve at least left an option for it, so let us use it untill we need him again to make an update esp. for Advanced Modeling tool's - we are badly missing him for year! - are you online?! ).

tool's and function currently made available to Anim8or :
Advanced Selection :
 PolyGon-by-Edge Selection
 Point-Edge-to-Edge-Ring Selection
 Point-Edge-to-PolyGon-Border Selection ( & -PolyGon-Border-Extended Selection )
 PolyGon-Edge-Border Selection
 Alternate-Face Selection

Topology :
 Grille-Form or Lattice-Form (simple) or Cage-Form or Frame-Work ( & -Extended )

polyMesh Modeling :
 Creat polyGon  ->  Edge-Loop-to-PolyGon ( Extended )
    Lowpoly :
     Vertex-Remove  ->  Point-Remove
     Close-Edge or Merge-Point by Average ( accurate & Auto )
     Close-PolyGon  ->  PolyGon-to-Point

polyMesh Editing :
 Vertex-Chamfer  ->  Point-Bevel (0.4)
 Peak-to-PolyGon  ->  Anti-Peak

Subdivition :
 Round-polyGon  ->  Subdivide Corner of polyGon ( simple )

Surface :
 Seam-Line or Surface-Fold Stabilize or Smooth Edge-Line / Loop
 Smooth Surface Area

Align & Placement :
 Snap-Object  ->  Move-to-Mesh-Vertex / Face
 Swap-two-Object Location & Rotation

Clean Up & Fix :
 Re-Wind PolyGon

you may find some tool's missing here too, check often they will be added soon!

* usual Scripting process is listed here check to make sure you do it correct way.
ASL usage in Anim8or are as follow :

Parametric-Object Script :
 -> define all the variable / array (can be done on the other part too)
 -> define parameter for the object
 -> use logic and math with the data in process to build the object
 -> build the object polyMesh from it
 -> return it to Anim8or

Modeling Tool / Function Script :
 -> define all the variable / array (can be done on the other part too)
 -> take selected / working mesh, shape & other (can be multiple) in some array
 -> get all mesh, mesh part (vertex, edge, face, normal, texture co-ordinate, material)
      data and isolate selection area data if needed
 -> use attribute to get user optional data
 -> use logic and math to analyse & process the data
 -> apply it to the working mesh (change or re-define as needed)

Import Script :
 -> define all the variable / array (can be done on the other part too)
 -> open a file needed to import from
 -> parse it as string using string function and logical process
 -> define the object, use processed data to build the object

Export Script :
 -> define all the variable / array (can be done on the other part too)
 -> take selected / working mesh, shape & other (can be multiple) in some array
 -> get all mesh, mesh part (vertex, edge, face, normal, texture co-ordinate, material)
      (selection or all object) required to export to a file format
 -> use logic and math to analyse & process the data for the file format
 -> open a file with extension as needed
 -> export the data to the file

Controller Script :
 -> select Object parameter to assign controller script
 -> define all the variable / array for it
 -> location, orientation, scale, visibility, other few parameter can be changed
 -> bind them logicaly & using math with time to animate them
 -> play the scene to test, render to get output

good to remember :
* delit all array data at the end of their usage, esp. reseting size to 0.
* delit all orphen data at the end of the script, esp. polymesh data like normal, texture coordinate.
* comment big, complex script worthfully for future reference.
* give variable meaningfull, related-to-subject like name.
* give sort discription of script function, usage.
* keep little information about ownself within script, avoid giving email address.
* put all required data ( selection, working ) in array to speed up processing,
   instead of findind them every time needed.
* new created object, vertex, edge, face like data are indexed at the end so check reverse way,
  check after recent to find, use them quickly if needed.
* any thing like object, vertex, edge, face if deleted the rest is reindexed so to find privious one
  build an array with them, while deliting using original index value reindex them negeting number
  of time deleted, if possible put them in a array select / mark them then delit them at the end.
* if creating inter-active / auto tool's leave an option to end it manualy.
* avoid creating more then 2 face sharing edge build polygon.
* if normal, texture co-ordinate, material data not working correct way leave them as is.
* avoid creating very big or very small face, subdivide or merge with coding if possible.
* optimize and test script for big, reguler, irreguler, patterned, ordered, seperated polymesh form.
* make sure polygon have correct vertex order ( and winding way ) or it will be invalid ( and fliped ).
* use logic to avoid unwanted modification by command script, undo is not possible.

if you want to learn ASL, have coding experience with any language this forum may help you
to be with ASL.

ASL is based on C and is a interpreted Scripting language for Anim8or.
if you can programe in C language or understand coding in it, it will be helpfull.
if you know Action Script (flash), lingo (directory), python (blender, maya, & other)
C++ ,pascal ,visual basic ,java or even Java Script it will be helpfull too.

but there are few thing that may work different way :
1. ASL have no support for function, module, procedure, recursion, iteration, sub-routine.
2. ASL have no support for user input, event trace, interface access (have but limited).
3. ASL work top-down order way, no support for 'goto' like looping control.
4. ASL have 'for', 'if', 'while' support but check their usage in the manual.
5. ASL can't take all Array data in a single statement, from Linear-List/Data-Set like C.
6. you must use '$' sign (like PHP) with all variable and other if needed.
7. ASL support complex, compound argument, parameter to default function.
8. ASL have no support for 2d, 3d Array, DataList and 'evalute' like function.
9. you can't use compound value assignment like k+=1 or k++, use k=k+1 for it.
a. ASL have no support for User-Defined-Data-Type, using many array is only solution.
b. ASL is for 3D mostly so a little knowledge of 3D (mostly OpenGL) will be helpfull.
c. you will be required to know about vector, matrix, trigonometry & physics as well
    to be able to make complex Script that can do amusing things!
d. ASL only support file Read / Write operation for Inport / Export Script.
e. timing based Scripting is supported in 'Scene' only with Object parameter.
f.  ASL is limited to memory, very big array or long process can crash Anim8or.
g. there is a option (using while loop) to create inter-active / auto tool's.
h. debuging is possible only using Print statement with Consol,
    you can also output data / info to a file to analyse it manualy.
i.  you can't make edge directly, can move point, polyGon require to be replaced
    for modification, ASL can't feed selection data to a array like other do.
j.  dealing with normal, texture co-ordinate can be tough some time.
k. if you use polyGon be aware of the vertex order, & winding way (usualy CCW).
l.  some time using pre-defined data and logical pattern will be a good solution.
m. Set / Query operation for array are not present, can push / pop element to / from it of same kind.
n. use '.size' to know or set the size of array, set size to 0 to free up memory and element.
o. deliting anything like vertex, normal, edge, face re-index the rest of the them.
p. there is no way to keep any data in the memory for future reference (esp. in scene view).
q. using Consol to feedback processing information to user can slow it down.
r. ASL support linear (mostly), compound (usualy), complex (possible) way of logical processing.
s. ASL work in single script file, complex number is not supported.
t. ASL script have no undo support. esp. modeling / command script.

before doing any thing check if it is done by another user, check the forum and
other site for ASL or Anim8or Script (.a8s), if it is check if you can do it better
or different way - to not to make anybody upset / unhappy.

you may use 'ASL Editor' (by Kubajzz) or 'NotePad2' (i use it with c++ scheme)
to get help with bracket matching and easy / confuseless coding.

best practice is to make clear what, where, how you want it to work, what will be
needed, what you know for it, make a simple test check the output & your need.
ask for help if needed (at least creating a temporary post for it, you will know).

only available source is :
there were other source too, but now most are unavailable on the net.
best option is to search for '3D', 'OpenGL' and '3D math' related website / pdf.
basicaly all script are open source (if somebody ask for a credit give it!).
take what you want, do how you like it, show us - we will love to see it.

i think it help, i learned C Language and i can do what ever i want with ASL (mostly).
if you know Action Script (flash), lingo (directory), python (blender, maya, & other)
C++, pascal, java or even Java Script it will be helpfull too.
but there is few thing that may not work with it:
1. ASL have no support for function, module, procedure, recursion, iteration
2. ASL have no support for user input, interface access (have but limited)
2. ASL work top-down order way, no support for 'goto' like looping control
4. ASL have 'for', 'if', 'while' support but check their usage in the manual
5. ASL can't take all Array data in a single statement, from linear list/Data-Set like C
6. you must use '$' sign (like PHP) with all veriable and other if needed
7. ASL support complex, compound argument, parameter to default function
8. ASL have no support for 2d, 3d Array, Datalist and 'evalute' like function
9. you can't use compound assignment like k+=1 or k++, use k=k+1 for it

read this forum to know more

ASL Scripts / Re: Advanced Modeling Tool-Set ( now 21+ Updated )
« on: May 15, 2013, 02:34:23 pm »
to Raxx and other user who used them:
most of the tool's now support Multi-Mesh, Multi-Point operation so please download them all again ( i ziped them).
Raxx if you have time please update the database, as the Database is growing i think it will be better to catagorize them. see this post:

check the Grille-Form tool, i think few user will love to build 'Eiffel Tower' with it,
and other as well.

i posted some image here to show some of their usage :

General Anim8or Forum / Re: How do I round corners?
« on: May 11, 2013, 07:51:14 am »
try the tool named "Point Bevel" ( to do read the usage carefully ).
this tool can work on Face as well ( i think Rectangle mean Face as Anim8or is 3D ).
if you are talking about 'Vertex-Chamfer' it is not present in Anim8or (before v98)!
you may also try other tool to do it without Subdivision use.
( see the image & you can find the Script here :
"Advanced Modeling Tool-Set" )
also search the Forum Claude made a Point Bevel Script as well and new version of Anim8or (v98) have it. i think it will be helpful to you.

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